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What shoes should you bring while traveling?

Spring break is almost upon us, and it’s never too early to start planning what you’re going to bring on a trip.

Packing for a vacation is all about bringing versatile items you can wear often, use in myriad combinations and be comfortable in for hours at a time – and the shoes you bring are no exception. Many women like to prepare for anything by loading their suitcases with every style of pumps, flats and sandals. However, dragging a heavy suitcase around at your destination is no fun, either. That said, here are a few guidelines for efficiently packing shoes for your spring travels:

The three-pairs (or four-pairs) rule
Worldly travelers agree on one shoe rule for packing: All you need is three pairs. As long as the footwear is well thought out, three pairs will provide you with just the right number of options while keeping your suitcase manageable and leaving room for the rest of your travel essentials. However, if you’re packing a small pair, like flip-flops or thin flats, you may be able to get away with four options. Some basic styles you may want to consider for a vacation include pumps, flats, sandals and ankle boots, all of which are relatively small and comfortable.

The four-pairs traveling rule: Some basic styles you may want to consider for a vacation include pumps, flats, sandals and ankle boots, all of which are relatively small and comfortable.

Where are you headed?
So you only get three pairs – now it’s time to decide which ones will be right for your vacation. First, consider where you’re going. After all, packing for a ski trip in the Rocky Mountains is a lot different than for a beach vacation in the Florida Keys. Consider the weather you can expect and the type of setting you’ll be in, such as in a city or at a beach resort. This will help you start narrowing your pile of shoes down to the most appropriate options.

What do you have planned?
Now think about the sight-seeing and other activities you’ve planned. A hike to some rainforest ruins? An elegant dinner in Manhattan? An all-day work meeting in a corporate environment? Bring footwear you know you can wear on these occasions.

Opt for versatility
You’re only bringing three pairs, so to get the most out of each set of shoes, make sure you can wear it with at least two different outfits on two separate occasions. Choose shoes in neutral colors that will go with anything in your wardrobe, like black or nude. If you’re bringing heels, a pair of nude pumps is ultra flattering and can transition easily from a daytime meeting to an elegant wedding to a night out. Likewise, black flats will go with almost anything and are a compact option.

How to pack
You’ve probably heard it’s best to wear your bulkiest shoes to the airport, as long as they’re easy to take on and off for security. Try to pack your smallest pairs in your luggage, and aim for keeping them together to make them easier to find. Many experienced travelers recommend buying a shoe bag – they’re just the right size for two or three pairs and will keep the rest of your belongings clean.

Which of these tips do you plan to use? Tell us below in the comments!


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Great post! I definitely prefer flat shoes when I travel. If I have enough space in my luggage (which never happens) I put a pair of high hills.

I would most definitely bring sandals. I love sandals more than shoes, so my first choice would be sandals.

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