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slimming secrets

Secret Strategy #50: Play Up Your Assets

Make sure you play up your assets with whatever you’re wearing, because that’s what you’ll be most confident in.

Secret Strategy #45: Skinny Jean Magic

Some petite women find that adding height and length to their appearance while wearing jeans can be tricky. This is where skinny jeans can work their magic!

Secret Strategy #44: Head to Toe Flattery

Compose yourself top to bottom for beautiful head to toe effects.

Secret Strategy #43: Prioritize your top

One of the easiest ways to draw focus away from your hips is to attract attention to your upper body with a flashy & decorative top.

Secret Strategy #42: Try a Flirty Dress

A sheer and flirty dress shows off your curves nicely. Plus, it defines your shape with a bloused bodice that narrows into the curved empire waist seam.

Secret Strategy #41: Wear a Belt

If you have fuller hips, a belt can be a stylish accessory that is often underutilized. Wearing a belt has the advantage of minimizing hip appearance.

Secret Strategy #40: Placement Prints

Choose outfits with a bold or graphic pattern or print to help create shape. Strategically placed geometric details will create the coveted hourglass figure.

Secret Strategy #39: Parallel Lines

Parallel lines grab the eye and force our gaze to follow their direction. Be aware of the lines in your looks, and where they are directing attention.

Secret Strategy #38: Trick the Eyes

Keep in mind that our eyes see curves based on what’s near or around them.

6 fashion tips for full-figured ladies

If you’re a plus size lady we’ve got six helpful style tips for you.

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