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This season’s blue: Cobalt

Blue braided purse

Dive into a deep sea of color with this fall’s blue: cobalt. This refreshing shade will add a bright element to your ensemble while keeping you on-trend with the season. While the vibrant hue is certainly alluring, it can be difficult to know how to effectively incorporate it into your wardrobe. Do you wear it all over, jumpsuit style? Is it best integrated in small doses? How extensively you work this brilliant color into your look is totally up to you, but we’ve got some helpful tips to keep you on the right track so you can feel confident in everything you wear.

Wear it with white

For a sailor-esque look, white and cobalt are the perfect pairing. Why? Like any great couple, they bring out the best aspects of each other. Wearing these hues in one ensemble will give you an eye-catching look without being too overwhelming. Capture the waves of flattery in a cobalt blouse over a chic pair of white denim skinny jeans. Or, opt for a dress that already integrates the colors. A white and cobalt sheath dress is a great option for fall, especially if you add an extra layer of warmth with a pair of black tights. So, ditch the notion that white can’t be worn after Labor Day. You can wear white with cobalt – or any other color for that matter – all year long.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.14.40 AM

Add some sparkle

Since cobalt is such a fun color, it goes well with all things that sparkle. Make this shade your nighttime color by incorporating it with clothing that features beading or sequins – anything that picks up the light. The daring shade and brilliant shine will draw all eyes on you when you hit the town with your friends, so give them something fabulous to look at!

Crystal-Studded Velvet Strap Watch

Accessorize with cobalt

Sometimes all you need to spice up your look is a pop of color, and cobalt is your go-to standout shade this fall. If you’re aiming for subtlety, opt for a pair of slingback pumps that feature cobalt in smaller details. Not only do you incorporate this gorgeous color into your outfit, but the added height of the heels will elongate your legs, instantly slimming your shape.

For a more noticeable look, opt for a larger accessory item that features cobalt, such as a leather tote bag. These items are perfect for adding feminine flare to your officewear, and the size is perfect for holding everything you need for work!

Lucy Braided Bag by Marc Chantal

Pair it with a print

An animal print, that is. Fierce and wild cheetah patterns are always in style, and they showcase your fun, vibrant personality. So, why not pair them with a color that does the same? Since matching prints and colors can be a challenge, look for items that already integrate the two features. For example, a billowing cobalt blouse with a sprinkle of animal print at the neckline will draw eyes up toward your face – a great option for pulling the focus away from your stomach or bottom half.

Or, go with a three-quarter-sleeve top showcasing cobalt and animal print. Not only do you get the perfect color-print combination, but the sleeves also help slim your figure. Three-quarter-length sleeves end near your wrists, but don’t completely cover them, which helps highlight the thinnest part of your arms. Plus, if you roll them up a little bit, the sleeves will cut off on the part of your arm nearest your waist, drawing attention to your small middle.

Mix and match, add a small splash of color or wear it all over. It doesn’t matter how you integrate cobalt into your wardrobe, so long as you wear it this fall.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.15.02 AM

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Published on Sep 01 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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