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Winter color palette: Blue

Blue suede heel with elastic bands

Although blue may seem like a very common color, most people have a hard time finding it in their wardrobes. There are many variations to this hue, and it can be worn in a handful of ways. Be sure to spice up your closet with the color blue by following these fashion tips:

Start with denim

Nothing defines American fashion more than a pair of blue jeans. However, over time denim has evolved and there are a plethora of ways you can wear women’s jeans – traditional or not. No matter what your personal style is, jeans are a must. If you’re looking for something slimming and dressy, a dark wash pair might be for you. Medium wash jeans are a little bit more casual but can be dressed up or down depending on what you choose for your top and bottoms. Light or “stone wash” jeans have recently come back into style and look great when they’re worn with crisp button-up tops.

The choosing process doesn’t stop at the the color, though. The style and fit of blue jeans are essential for creating the look you want, from skinny to boyfriend to flare – it’s up to you! Over time, gather all of the different types so that you have the perfect denim for any occasion.

woman wearing blue jeans

Buy a bold blue jacket

Now that the colder seasons have hit, you’re going to need the perfect outerwear. This is an article of clothing you will be wearing every single day, so choosing is a meticulous process. Warmth is a very important aspect that should be taken into consideration along with a comfortable fit. However, style should be at the top of your list, too.

One way to brighten up your winter is to opt for a cobalt blue or navy jacket. It’s different from the usual shade of black or gray, but it’s not so outlandish that it still isn’t practical. You can pair it with just about everything from from work clothes to jeans to a dress and tights. Just make sure to buy a timeless fit so that it will last more than one season. That way, you’ll feel chic for years to come.

woman wearing a blue coat

Throw it on your feet

For women looking to add a pop of color into their life, but feeling a bit cautious, have no fear! An easy way to integrate a new color into your wardrobe is through your footwear choice. Play up the icy cool weather with a cool shade on your toes. Blue shoes are sophisticated and fun. For those dressier outfits, try a bold pair of blue dress heels. These work during any season but will make you shine especially brighter when there’s snow or ice on the ground.

blue shoes

Look to turquoise jewelry

Women have been wearing turquoise jewelry for decades, and with good reason. It’s timeless and looks gorgeous with the right outfit. You can wear it to the office or out on the town. Whichever you choose, a bold piece of turquoise jewelry embodies power and femininity.

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When will you put the blue sued heel on sale

Monroe and Main

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when the blue suede heel will go on sale – However, if you sign up for our emails, we do send coupons and special offers if you’re looking for savings! You can sign up for emails by clicking here. Thanks for commenting!

Sharon Bryant

Do you sell the beautiful blue coat that you have a pic of , that’s above here. If so could you show it to me so I can get it. I love it!! Thank you Sharon Bryant

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Published on Dec 28 2015

Last Updated on Apr 01 2022

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