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Metallic peep-toe pump with bejeweled bows in copper or silver

Winter color palette: Metallics

You may be wary of rocking shiny metallics in your everyday life. But there are some ways to integrate these shiny shades into your wardrobe. Here are some tips for adding metallics in smart, yet fashionable ways.

Dress up with a handbag

One of the quickest and easiest ways to dress up an outfit is by throwing on a metallic fashion handbag. The shiny material will class up any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing on a pair of jeans to run errands or wearing a full-length gown for a gala, a metallic handbag is the way to go. Want another upside? Metallic is like the color black; it goes with anything. That means you will never have to worry about colors clashing.

2-Pocket Metallic Bag

Try metallic tones

If silver isn’t your color, you can opt for jewel metallic tones. There are a plethora of these shades from blue to pink to brown. The underlying shine from the metallic fabric will make any outfit or accessory pop!

Keep it simple

If you want to take some fashion risks with metallic, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple. For instance, pair an all-black outfit with a metallic fashion necklace or a red winter skirt with silver shoes. That way, you won’t be overdoing it, but you’ll still get your shimmery shade fix.

woman wearing metallic shoes and a Trim Dress

Put it on your feet

When in doubt, adding metallic shoes is the safest and one of the most fashionable moves you can make. The colors will make your toes twinkle, but you pick a shade based on the occasion. Silver metallic will sparkle for a New Year’s Eve party, while black metallic shoes can be worn to the office every day.

Lucy Metallic Pump by Andiamo


Some of the most popular shades of metallic can be found in the jewelry section. From a necklace to earrings to a gold bangle bracelet, you can add these to your getup for a bold and exciting look.

Stay neutral

If you are looking to rock a metallic shirt or skirt, be sure to pair it with neutral shades. Neutrals will combat the bold metallic tones so that your outfit looks prim and proper – not overdone. Gold metallics look great with pink, cream and gray while silver metallics complement black and white.

Have confidence!

Remember that no outfit is complete without excitement and confidence. If you walk into the room with a smile on your face, people are going to absorb your positive energy. If you’re feeling a little nervous about where to try out these shades, try holiday parties. They’re the perfect events for dressy metallic colors.

Woman wearing a Velvet Dreams Dress

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