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Secret Strategy #88: Dress Your Personality

Dressing with confidence stems from having your appearance match your personality.

If you’re someone who’s outgoing, it’s only natural to wear something that’s just as extroverted as you are. A dress that features an elaborate print design will help you obtain the attention you’re seeking.

If staying low-key is more your thing, wearing a top that turns heads doesn’t make sense. Laid-back ladies should dress in a more subtle way to show off their beauty. Try to mix elegant jackets, cardigans and knit tops with complementing, yet not overbearing bottoms.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below. 

Dress Your Personality

Comments (3)

I agree completely. As an introvert, I’ve recently discovered that I need subdued dusty and rusty colors (shades of grey, browns, midnight blue, and subdued versions of all the other colors). For example, I learned that I feel much more authentic (and people respond to ne differently and trust me more) when I wear sage or olive green or plum instead of the more stimulating greens and purples. My favorite color is gray mixed with purple or grayed brown. I learned that I am only seeking peace, soothing and grounding in my life and I am not looking for attention or to bring excitement to a room, so I avoided red, yellow and orange for many months. However I recently learned that I do enjoy small splashes of rusty orange, brownish yellow, and a darker browner red. When it comes to pink, I learned I like grayed pink like mauve. Because I only want to be grounded, I learned that I only feel great in dark shades. Light shades make me feel like my feet aren’t touching the ground, emotionally.

I also learned from “dressing your truth” with Carole Tuttle that there are 4 types of personalities and guidelines for corresponding types. It has been so eye opening. I am a type 2, a soft subtle lady with a priority for comfort, and I learned, for example, that black makes me look fat or harsh! And it proved true. I also learned about shapes and their energies- I look and feel better in tear drop shapes and S curves. Some zigzags, some dots and straight lines, and a lot of solids plains.

I also learned that I can judge who would be a compatible friend personality type when I observe other people’s fashion tastes and even their facial features. I found that I buy better presents now that I understand other people’s tastes.

I wish I could find the right clothing store for me though. It seems that most fashion is not meant for type 2s. Including yours unfortunately. I am learning that I get the most success if I search for fair trade and organic, because often other hippie types are wanting the same subdued earthy colors that I want.

Anyway great blog post. I resonated with it. I am slowly building a vision for myself of how to convey my personality accurately to the world. Very insightful!

I’m a bundle of contradictions. Definitely an extrovert, but I love bold patterns and vibrant colors. At sixty-five I’ve finally developed my own style. Style is a staple. Fashion is fleeting and a trend.

Hi Pam,

We agree that developing your own style is key and can definitely reflect your unique and amazing personality! Thank you so much for commenting!

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