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10 tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions this year

Didn’t keep last year’s resolution? You’re not alone. Oftentimes, people are a little too ambitious with their plans, and the incentive behind resolutions dwindles soon after Jan. 1. Luckily, each new year is an opportunity to meet your goals, and these 10 tips will help you do just that!

10 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions this year

1. Be realistic

One of the most important things to remember when crafting resolutions is making sure that your goals are attainable. Resolving to never eat fast food again or going to the gym every day is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, strive for something that you can accomplish. Try to eat fast food only once a week or sign yourself up for a fitness class. The more realistic your goals are, the easier they will be to stick with.

2. Get your friends and family involved

There’s a lot to be said for what can be done with a little teamwork. This New Year’s, recruit the people in your life to go in on resolutions. For instance, have everyone in your family agree to attend at least one home-cooked meal a week – no excuses. Everyone will feel that extra kick to keep the promise if there’s more than one person involved.

3. Stick to it

They say that it takes about two weeks for habits to become routine. If you manage to quit biting your nails for two weeks, the rest of the time it may come like second nature – all you have to do is make it through the two-week mark.

4. Be confident

Have a little faith in yourself! If you want to incorporate more high heels into your wardrobe or rock a bright colored dress, don’t hold back.

Gal wearing a Bright Dress with Heels

5. Do something you ‘want’ to do, not ‘should’ do

Society pressures us to make promises we “should do” not “want to do.” This year, make sure to include specific resolutions that are catered to only your happiness.

6. Limit yourself

Piling things onto a list of changes you aspire to make can be fun, but it’s not practical. Instead, limit yourself to a couple of resolutions you truly feel passionate about. Like, for instance, instead of trying to redo your entire wardrobe, start by organizing your closet. The smaller you start, the more armed you’ll feel to tackle the bigger projects later on.

7. Make a plan

Take initiative. If you want to make more time to spend with friends, start scheduling activities in advance. There’s a possibility your enthusiasm will diminish over time but making plans can help prevent that down the road.

8. Write your goals down

It’s time to put the pen to some paper! Physically writing your goals down can help you visualize them. Try hanging them up in a prominent place, like on a bulletin board or the fridge. The more noticeable they are, the better.

write your goals down this year
It’s time to put the pen to some paper! Physically writing your goals down can help you visualize them.

9. Seek support

Be sure to inform others about your resolutions for the new year. They may not want to join in, but emotional support can go a long way. For people who find it especially hard to keep resolutions, look for a mentor. For example, someone who has successfully quit smoking before can help guide you on your own journey. They can provide tips, tricks and techniques for your own goals.

10. Give it time

Know that any change – big or small – won’t come easy. But with perseverance and optimism, you can keep a clear and healthy mindset about change.

Here's some tips for keeping your New Year's resolutions.

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