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Hot ways to style your trench coat

It’s nearly impossible to rock a trench coat without looking totally chic. Perfect for cool spring days, summer nights, and the transitional period between the dog days of summer and the crisp early fall, the trench coat will never go out of style. If you haven’t invested in one of these classic staples yet, now’s a good time to do so. Here’s what you need to know about the classic coat:


100 years and counting

The origin of the trench coat dates back to World War I, in 1914. Though this coat is a fashion staple, it began – you guessed it – in the trenches. British soldiers needed a coat that didn’t get weighed down by water or mud. Gabardine, a water-resistant fabric created by Thomas Burberry, founder of the high end fashion brand, was perfect for their needs. While Burberry produced “Tielockens” prior, this style of coat took on a new name, the trench coat, when British troops began wearing them and thus surging in popularity. To this day, Burberry and many other brands honor the tradition of the original trench coat and include all of the features that the British military needed on their jackets, including a collar that can serve as a scarf, a removable lining, epaulettes, a storm shield and a gun flap.


My Best Trench from Monroe and Main

The perfect trench

In order to obtain the put-together look that a trench coat plays such a huge role in, be sure it fits well. A too-big coat can look messy, while a too-small one definitely isn’t comfortable, especially if you choose to wear long sweaters or anything bulky beneath it.

If you have a full bust, you may have strayed away from trench coats because you were concerned that the double breast would be too bulky, but luckily, there are plenty of single-breasted styles hitting the market now that will be more comfortable for you.

detachable-cape-jacket-1 This Detachable Cape Jacket from Monroe and Main is two amazing looks in one!detachable-cape-jacket-2

Styling your trench coat

While trench coats have deviated from a military look, they have taken on a professional, business aesthetic. However, this doesn’t mean it’s only acceptable for you to wear your trench coat on your way to and from the office. With such a wide variety available in recent years, it seems as if there are limitless possibilities when it comes to styling your trench.

Choose a color: A khaki trench coat is timeless. However, it’s far from your only option. Black or navy blue are great for women who prefer darker colors, but a red or pastel can be a great look for someone who’s a little more daring.

“Pairing a short skirt and a long coat will elongate your body.”

Consider the length: The classic trench that the military wore was just about ankle length so it could protect soldiers from the elements. However, modern trenches worn by women tend to be mid-length. If you want something a little hipper, though, you can even opt for a short one that just covers your hips.

When wearing a skirt: If you’re wearing your trench coat with a skirt, the look will be most aesthetically appealing if you show a little bit of leg. Most trench coats come down to your knee, so pair them with a skirt that hits just above it. This will give you an elongated look. If you’re uncomfortable rocking a skirt that short, opt for a trench coat that hits mid-calf, or hi low skirts.

How about shoes? A trench coat will always give you a put-together look, so attempt to step the rest of your look up a notch when you wear one. Stay away from sneakers or anything athletic and instead opt for high heeled boots or even some slingback pumps.

Make it casual: While sneakers will always look a little out of place with a trench coat, it’s still possible to dress the coat down. Consider wearing it with jeans and a pair of boots or casually draping it over your shoulders.

Accessorize: If you don’t want to give off a business vibe with your trench coat, consider styling it a little more with some accessories. A chiffon shawl or a girly scarf can go a long way in feminizing your outfit.

dapper-denim-trench Dapper Denim Trench from Monroe and Main

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