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Styling the girlfriend jean

While we all have our go-to pair of safe skinnies, today’s trends are giving skinny jeans a run for their money. The latest trend in denim fashion? The girlfriend jean. Don’t confuse this style with last year’s boyfriend jean. The girlfriend jean sits a little higher on your waist than your skinny jean, but more fitted in the legs than your boyfriend cut. Perfect for the spring and summer, girlfriend jeans are tapered and cropped, so you can show off a little bit of ankle in your favorite strappy sandals.

A lot of people are hesitant to try new denim cuts out of fear that they can’t “pull them off.” If you’re intrigued by the girlfriend jean, but unsure about how to style it, read on.

Slim Distressed Girlfriend Jeans
Girlfriend jeans are for women who value fashion and comfort.

Dress them up

If you’re concerned that the relaxed fit of the girlfriend jean will make you look sloppy, dress it  up with a pair of heels or pointy toe flats. Not only will these shoes elongate your leg, since your jeans will be rolled up above your ankle, but they are also a great way to get the best of both worlds: the sexy and the comfy!

Give them an edge

Girlfriend jeans will definitely give you that “cool girl” vibe. You know, that attitude that emanates from a charming girl who clearly doesn’t care what people think about her. Up that attitude with a pair of biker boots or a moto jacket. You’ll feel as edgy as you did when your high school BFF’s parents called you a “bad influence.”

Business casual

Balance your relaxed-fit jeans with a tailored blouse or blazer for a look that’s appropriate for casual Friday at the office. Pair the outfit with some comfortable flats or some stylish oxfords. This way, you’ll stay comfy and relaxed while still looking polished and ready to take charge.

“Spice up the outfit with a cute statement necklace.”

Keep it chill

If you’re just going to run errands and pick the kids up from school, you want to be as comfy as possible, while still looking stylish. Pull this aesthetic off with a loosely fitting T-shirt tucked into the front of your jeans, exposing a leather belt. Pair it with some fashionable sneakers or slip-ons, and make sure you cuff the bottom of the jeans! Spice the outfit up with a cute statement necklace.

A long sweater

Do you always leave the house wondering if you should have brought a sweater? Pair your girlfriend jeans with a long, cozy sweater, some cute suede booties and a form-fitting T-shirt. Since your jeans and sweater will fit loosely, don’t be afraid to show off your assets with a shirt that hugs your curves.

Red Tipped Buckle Shoe by Monroe and Main

Red Tipped Buckle shoe from Monroe and Main

Go bold

Do you have a pair of eye-catching heels that you always hesitate to wear when you’re dressing up to go out? Pair those bright-red pumps or those strappy, zebra-print heels with a pair of girlfriend jeans for a high-fashion, low-maintenance look. Not only will you catch everyone’s eyes, but they’ll admire the confidence you’ll exude by rocking those new shoes.

Wear a scarf

A fashion scarf is the perfect way to accessorize such a carefree denim style. Let your favorite springtime scarf steal the show by pairing it with a plain T-shirt, your girlfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers or flats. This look is perfect for cool, breezy spring days.

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