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Woman in black and gold ethnic-print jumpsuit and gold sandals

Wear a jumpsuit this summer

If there is one fashion staple that is guaranteed to turn heads, it’s the jumpsuit. Women’s jumpsuits were chic and stylish when they blew up in the 1970s, and like many other ’70s styles, they’re experiencing a resurgence right now. While a jumpsuit is certainly a daring look to pull off, there’s nobody out there who can’t look awesome in one. Here are some tips to rocking this throwback:

Needle Work Print Jumpsuit from Monroe and MainNeedle Work Print Jumpsuit from Monroe and Main

“Take your jumpsuit to a tailor.”

Make sure it fits you well

A dress or a top can be tweaked and adjusted in order to fit you properly, but a jumpsuit needs to fit like a glove. When it’s too tight, it won’t give you that whimsical look, and if definitely won’t flatter your shape. When it’s too loose, you’ll look like you’re swimming in it. If you can’t find a jumpsuit in the store that perfectly fits your body, take it to a tailor to be adjusted before you wear it. Take the hemline up if it’s too long, and have the waist cinched if it’s too big. You can also wear a belt around your waist to define it in a pinch.

Layer it

If you’re hesitant to invest in a jumpsuit because you think you’ll only be able to wear it for a few short summer months, prepare to be dazzled. Layering turtlenecks or dressy blouses beneath your jumpsuit is a great way to transition it between the seasons. Don’t rule out the idea of wearing a blazer over it and wearing it to work, either. Jumpsuits don’t have to exclusively be worn in the evening. Adding another color is a great way to break up a single block of color.

aztec gladiator

Pair it with heels

While jogger-style jumpsuits are on trend, the majority of jumpsuits you find in stores will have wide legs. Take that hem off of the ground by pairing the jumpsuit with heels. Jumpsuits elongate the body, so turn that up a notch by lifting yourself off the ground with some wedge heels. That’s not to say that a jogger-leg jumpsuit won’t also benefit from some elevation and show off your favorite pair of strappy high heels.

Less is more

If the jumpsuit you’re wearing is all one color, go all out with accessories if you’d like. However, when you’re wearing a printed jumpsuit, let it be the star and keep your accessories minimal. A head-to-toe pattern can be pretty bold and intimidating, but if you keep the rest of your look polished, you’ll be sure to pull it off!

Halter-style wraps into a flattering, middle-cinching waistband over an elastic smocked panel. The ethnic print conceals with elegance. 30" inseam. Polyester; machine wash. Imported. Available only in Black Multi.
Angelic Jumpsuit from Monroe and Main

Go all out

Women aren’t limited to dresses when it comes to pulling out all the stops for a formal affair. After all, Lady Gaga wore a jumpsuit to the Oscars, and who’s more glamorous than her? It’s definitely possible to take your casual jumpsuit up a notch in order to appropriately rock it in a formal situation. Consider a metallic tote bag and accessories or styling your hair in an updo or a chic deep side part. Backless jumpsuits or outfits with a deep-V are especially dressy.

How about casual?

As perfect as jumpsuits are for a fancy night on the town, they’re versatile enough to be worn on weekend errands as well. When you’re looking for a casual one, try a jumpsuit that doesn’t have any plunging necklines and has pants short enough to be worn without heels. Bring the gladiator sandals or sneakers that you plan to wear with it when you try it on to make sure your hemlines won’t be dragging on the ground.

Tribal RomperTribal Romper from Monroe and Main

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I absolutely have to have this needlework print jumpsuit! Cannot find it anywhere online !! Need xs , maybe small

Beautiful jumpsuit

Hi Janice,

We love that jumpsuits and rompers are back in style and especially love these ones. Thanks for commenting!

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