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Vest dressed

Step aside, guys. Women are putting a spin on traditional men’s clothing and looking fabulous while doing it. In addition to loafers and bow ties, vests are becoming a hot menswear-inspired trend for women. When you hear the world “vest,” you might think of a man’s suit at a wedding or even the Disney character Aladdin. However, there are plenty of chic ways to add a women’s vest to your wardrobe:

The knit vest

One of the amazing variations of the traditional vest is one made of knitted material. This is similar to a sweater, minus the arms of course. That means you won’t have to worry about overheating throughout the day. This style looks great when the vest is long and drapes over the body to flatter your curves.

When choosing what to go underneath, opt for a contrasting color. If your vest is cream, a darker shade would highlight your shape. Any kind of knit top is a great option for winter fashion.

The jean vest

Denim is not always easy to pull off, but when you find the right jean vest, you’ll know. The trick to pulling off this look is not only confidence, but getting the right fit. You want the vest to fit over your chest so that your shoulders and arms have enough room to move freely. Some women like the oversized look, in which case a tighter undershirt that falls right below your hips works best to balance out your shape.

If you’re feeling very adventurous, give the jean-on-jean outfit a try. This is two separate or similar shades of denim put together. This look has been all over the runway. Adding a solid-colored shirt underneath your jean vest to break up the two denim pieces would make this look classic.

woman wearing a jean vest

The military vest

One of the trendiest options in outerwear is military-influenced clothing. This can be anything from bomber jackets to camo print. Another option, however, is the military vest. This look is cute and youthful, but can be pulled off no matter what age you are. To accomplish this look, opt for an army-green or shade of light or dark beige.

The trick is to wear a military vest with something slimming on the bottom, like skinny jeans and boots. If you’re looking to to tough up an outfit, throw a military vest over a dress and enjoy the best of both worlds.

The faux-fur vest

If you want to class up an outfit, look no further than the faux-fur vest. This statement piece can be intimidating, but if done the right way, it can be very glamorous. When styling a fur vest, tap into the kind of style you want to embody. If you want to wear the rocker look, try a vintage tee underneath your vest. Looking for something more classic? Sport a dark floral top. Are you looking for something to pull off at the office? Throw your faux-fur vest over your best blazer to woo your co-workers. There are plenty of different ways you can go about this style. Find which one best suits your personality or try them all!

In addition to being adorable, this vest also provides warmth that you’re going to need during the winter without restricting your arms. Win-win! If you’re not sure where you could wear a vest like this, save it for your holiday parties. The faux-fur would look festive with a slimming black dress and red lipstick.

woman wearing a faux fur vest dress

The patterned vest

This vest is a great way to add some texture to an outfit. Some trendy options include plaid, tribal print or floral. These vests work best with a monochromatic outfit so that the pattern pops! Patterned vests work great for women who want that more poised and refined look.

If you’re looking for a style that’s a little bit funkier, try one that’s embellished or has bright colors and patterns. You can pair this with a long skirt to rock the boho look.

printed vest

A rocker vest

If want to edge your look up a bit, a rocker vest will do the trick. This vest is usually leather, although it can differ in color from black to white to electric blue. In addition, some styles have studs on them to add the eccentric look that you might have worn back in the ’90s.

The puffer vest

Looking for a more polished look? Then the puffer vest is a great item for your wardrobe. This vest is extremely on trend right now and can spiff up any ensemble. The fabric is cushioned and comfy, so you can wear it just about everywhere for a more relaxed look.

woman wearing a faux puffy vest

Be sure to experiment with all different types of vests to see which one is best for you.


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