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5 fashion guidelines for tall women

Woman in black blazer over white top, gray pants and gray and black heels

If there’s one thing all tall women know, it’s that shopping with an above-average height can be quite difficult.

Between too-short skirts and dresses and pants and sleeves that may as well be cropped, tall women sometimes struggle with finding the right fit. However, being a tall stylish woman is not all bad! In fact, tall women can look stately and elegant in almost any silhouette. Here are five fashion guidelines for tall women to dress stylishly:

1. Length is important

You already know that it’s hard to find clothes that fit your long limbs, but wearing pants, shirts and skirts that fit well is one of the most important ways to give your body correct proportions. Too-short pants can look awkward and unflattering, and sleeves that aren’t long enough have the same effect on your upper body. On the other hand, sleeves and pants that extend past your ankles and wrists can downplay the length of your legs and arms, making you look proportionate. You should also focus on the length of your skirts and dresses – long legs may mean these items are a little shorter than they should be, which can be inappropriate in a business-formal environment.

2. Invest in basics

There’s nothing more essential than making sure your wardrobe has a few basics that fit perfectly. Things like a pair of dark-wash slim cut jeans, a knee-length skirt or a basic black blazer can be worn time and again in any number of different combinations, and will also ensure you look put-together. Invest in these and other basics that you can wear across any season or to any occasion.

A fashion guideline for tall women is make sure your wardrobe has a few basics that fit perfectly.

3. Use clothes to create proportion

Be careful of wearing all-over baggy or loose clothing that can make your frame look out of proportion or large. Opt for fitted items and clothes that define your natural waist. Belts and tailored blazers are a great way to add definition and balance your proportions. In the same vein, look for jackets and shirts that hit right at your hips. Anything shorter may have you looking like you’re wearing cropped tops, which can make your torso look disproportionately short.

4. Consider your rise

Go for mid-rise or high-rise pants rather than those with a low rise. In the same way that shorter tops can make your torso look slightly awkward, low-rise pants often cut the length of your legs, making them appear shorter than they are. Mid-rise and high-rise jeans and trousers are very flattering on taller ladies, and can really highlight your beautiful long legs.

A fashion guideline for tall women is to go for mid-rise or high-rise pants rather than those with a low rise.

5. Don’t be afraid of heels

If you’re taller than 5 feet 8 inches, you may have some reservations about adding to your height with heels. However, one of the most universal pieces of style advice for tall women is to not shy away from wearing heels. The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel confident, since nothing will make you look as poised or stylish as self-assurance. Even 1- to 2-inch heels are very flattering and won’t add too much to your height.

Are you a tall woman? Share a fashion guideline you try to follow or tell us which one of ours you plan to try in the comments below.

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Published on Jul 08 2015

Last Updated on Sep 20 2015

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