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A guide to summer clothing at the office

The warm summer months are heading our way, so it’s time to think about the seasonal attire to wear to work. Here’s a guide to summer clothing at the office:

In order to beat the heat, you’ll need to switch to lighter fabrics and more summer-savvy clothing. Though the atmosphere in summer is generally more relaxed, you’ll still want to carry a professional look at the office. However, work-appropriate clothing doesn’t mean you have to shun the fashion world. Check out these fun ideas for looking great and staying comfortable at the office this summer:

Avoid looking too relaxed

The summer months mean pool-side relaxation and vacation adventures, so it’s easy for that mindset to creep into the workplace. In order to maintain professionalism while still having fun with your wardrobe, avoid clothing that’s too casual for the office. According to Forbes, these items include flip flops, spaghetti straps and shorts. More revealing fun-in-the-sun garb might be appropriate for the beach, but it’s best to avoid it in the workplace.

A nice tailored suit is a great piece for summer clothing at the office.

Wear figure-flattering bottoms

Skirts and capris will be your go-to bottoms this summer. Unless they are made of a lighter material, long pants might be hot and uncomfortable, and shorts are generally not appropriate for the workplace.

As far as capris go, you should aim for a tapered or straight leg shape, according to The Chic Fashionista. Flared bottoms and drawstrings will widen you out at the bottom, which can be especially troublesome for shorter women. Instead, a clean-cut line will make you look taller and more slender, providing you with the most flattering look.

a crop pant is an essential item of summer clothing for the office

For a feminine, flirty feel, the right skirt can look great on any figure. An A-line skirt is especially flattering as it hits the tiniest part of the waist and doesn’t draw attention to the hips. For the same shape with a little more volume, go with a fit and flare skirt. Pair these pieces with a soft blouse or tucked-in tank top to finish off the look.

Dress up your style

Dresses are a great way to stay comfortable and cool in the summer while still looking office-appropriate. Sun dresses especially are figure flattering and let you bring your own personal style into the workplace. With a one-piece outfit, you can let your patterns get adventurous without worrying about coordinating the ensemble. According to Refinery29, bold floral prints and gingham, checkered patterns are in this summer, and you’ll be seeing them everywhere. Pair a sassy print with a neutral-color shoe, like black, white or beige.

Unfortunately, some sun dresses walk the border of work-appropriate with their strapless bodices and open backs. Here’s the solution: If you’ve found a dress that looks great and the color speaks to your personality, pair it with a cardigan or light jacket to make it work for the office.

A great dress will get your though summer dressing for the office.

Accessorize with colors

Let your accessories shine like the warm summer sun. Pack away your dark shades from the winter, and opt for bright and pastel colors this season. Whether you’re accessorizing with bold jewelry, a cute pair of shoes or an accompanying handbag, choose pieces with bright yellow, light purple or soft pink. If your office is notorious for blasting the air conditioning during the summer months, keep a light cardigan at work for those cool afternoons.


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