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Feminine & Fun Looks for Fall

Personal style means something different for everyone. The way you choose to present yourself will have a lot to do with your personality and other factors, such as what you’re supposed to wear at the office or your home life and how you typically dress on evenings and weekends.

Choose styles that reflect your vision

There are tons of trends each new season, but not all of them are for everyone. While wearing on-trend clothing can be a fun way to look fashion-forward, you should choose the trends that work best to help you express the personal style you’re going for. 

Some women may like edgier ladies’ fashion styles. They might want dark and bold colors, interesting materials, like leather and suede, exciting patterns and funky embellishments. Others feel more comfortable in classic and timeless garments, opting for brighter colors, soft fabrics and knits, and feminine embellishments like ruffles and lace. Still others feel best when they’re dressed in clothing that makes them feel feminine and ladylike.

Fall has a lot to offer for all these choices! Here are plenty of fun and feminine looks you can wear as the season changes, starting with:

Transition Tips

model wearing a cap sleeve top

Fun, flowy summer pieces are great for transitioning into fall. Layers are crucial for these cooler autumn months. Contrast the feminine flair of the frock with an edgy leather jacket. You can also give a relaxed sun​dress a more professional look by pairing it with a blazer. For a country vibe, opt for cowgirl boots or even just taller fall boots. You can easily look city chic with ankle boots and tights in your favorite fall colors: aubergine, cobalt, orange and red.

Use tank tops as a base layer. And don’t put away sleeveless tops just yet. Tanks are the perfect tool for layering. Adding a shirt or shrug on top is ideal for a breezy autumn day or a blast of air conditioning at work. You can always remove it if it gets too hot , and still look absolutely stylish.

Cool with sandals. You can still wear sandals during the first few months of the fall season. Strappy flats with a pair of colorful stretch jeans will keep you cool if your extra layers prove to be too warm.

Add visual interest with V-necks. V-neck shirts or dresses pair well with the right clothing accessories. For example, add an extra layer with a scarf in ombre fall colors like orange and red to spice up your look, or neutral cream or black to add subtle sophistication. This is great for women with broader chests who need a little more coverage on top.

Feminine Touches

A peplum skirt.

Pencil skirts with ruffled hemlines are also known as “peplum skirts,” and they’re ultra-feminine, as well as universally flattering and fashion-forward. The combination of the formfitting pencil-style skirt and the ruffle at the bottom makes for a perfect piece of clothing to embrace your girly side. Wear these skirts to the office and wherever else you wear pencil skirts, and pair them with a pretty blouse or professional blazer to complete the look. Feeling cold this fall? Add a pair of fashion tights to the mix for extra style and warmth.

A ruffled top.

Speaking of ruffles, embracing this particular embellishment is a surefire way to look girly no matter what you’re wearing. Ruffled blouses are a fun way to spice up your look, but they’re also super flattering. Necklines with this embellishment (especially V-necks) add volume to the chest area, which can give women more of a balanced hourglass appearance. Plus, they draw attention to the neck and shoulders, which are typically some of the slimmest areas on a woman’s body.

A touch of lace.

Like ruffles, lace detailing can instantly make an outfit a bit more ladylike. In fact, lace has such a delicate, romantic feel, that it’s practically synonymous with femininity in this day and age. Look for tops, skirts or other pieces of clothing with lace detailing to embrace this look. Layer a camisole that has lace around the bottom underneath a blouse or cardigan, or choose accessories that incorporate the embellishment subtly.

A flowing maxi skirt.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should stow away your maxi dresses just yet. These trendy items are actually perfect for fall as well! Opt for A-line or flowing maxi skirts that will give you an extra dash of femininity, and dress them up or down for any occasion. Choose skirts in heavier fabrics for fall, and pair them with fitted tops to keep your look proportionate and fashionable.

A fitted sheath dress.

Sheath dresses are wardrobe staples no matter what season it is, and fall is no exception. This autumn, look for fitted sheath dresses with sleeves that are appropriate for the season and also help you embrace your girly side. Clothing that follows the curves of your body automatically looks more feminine, and these dresses do so without being revealing. Go for one with bright colors and bold patterns to make your ensemble even more ladylike!

A plethora of accessories.

Nothing says “feminine” like beautiful jewelry, so accessorize your more casual outfits to add some girlishness. When it comes to jewelry, keep things simple: Delicate pendant and chain necklaces and subtle dangling earrings look especially graceful and may give you the look you’re going for. A feminine ensemble will look amazing with a pretty bib necklace. But if you’d prefer something a little bigger, don’t be afraid to rock it! Pair an edgier outfit with a couple of interesting rings and some red lipstick Statement necklaces are also an on-trend way to look girly but bold.

With these handy tips in mind, now you can enjoy putting it all together for:

Fun Fall Styles: Chic Geek

Chic geek embraces studious staples, like cardigans, pinstripes, oxfords and, dare I say it, reading glasses. Here are a few staples you need to pull off the perfect Ivy League look.


Over-the-knee socks paired with a skirt is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall. Many women are intimidated by these types of socks because it can be tough to make the outfit look professional or mature. The key to not looking too risque or childish is to pair it with a tailored, collared shirt and a skirt that isn’t too short.


Work pants for women have a tendency to not fit properly. Many women wear them too long to be worn with flats or too short to be paired with heels. A great way to avoid this is to go with a tailored, cropped pair. Perfect for fall, a pair of well-fitting crops can be worn with booties, heels, flats or your chic geek oxfords.


Try layering your favorite sleeveless dress over a chiffon blouse or a tight turtleneck sweater. Not only is this option great for the summer to fall transition, but with a pair of opaque tights, it can take you all the way through winter as well.

Weekend Cozy

women in lola jean

There is nothing wrong with being comfy on your days off when you’ve been restricted with business professional attire all week. However, just because you’re keeping it casual doesn’t mean you have to make it sloppy. There are so many ways to pull off a weekend look that’s effortless yet stylish. Whether it’s a broken-in pair of boyfriend jeans, a nice pair of leather booties or that wrap sweater that you can’t leave the house without, your weekend wear can be worn lounging on the couch, running errands or enjoying a warm latte at your favorite cafe this fall. Try some of these pieces:


Women’s sweater coats are a great option for the fall. Sure, layering is great, but wouldn’t you rather have a sweater that acts as a coat than having to wear both pieces? Opt for a neutral color that you’ll be able to match with any outfit, no matter the occasion. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little – you’ll be be getting a lot of use out of it!


For a weekend cozy look, you’ll want to make sure your feet are comfortable. This means nixing any sort of shoe that you can’t wear for an extended period of time. Try a pair of versatile sneakers or a pair of cowboy booties. You don’t need to wear a heel to look chic!


Nothing says carefree like a pair of jeans. However, nothing says careless like a pair of ill-fitting jeans. Opt for a pair of women’s skinny jeans that aren’t too tight or too loose. Not only will these be comfy and chic, but you can dress them up or down. Nothing beats versatility!

Go Boho

The boho-inspired look is coming back, but many people have a tough time mastering it without looking like a hippie. Here are some tips to rocking the perfect boho style.


Floral, paisley, tie dye: embrace it all. One of the greatest things about boho fashion is the array of patterns it typically consists of. Just be sure to invest in some plain-colored staple pieces as well so you won’t have to mix too many patterns together!


Unique sweaters are a must for any women looking to channel a boho look. Whether you opt for a crochet or a fringed style, opting for an eye-catching top gives you so many options for the rest of your outfit. Consider wearing it with a leather boots or a large hobo bag.


Whether you cover your head with a floppy hat or an ethereal scarf, a true boho woman cannot be without a wide selection of hats. Not only do these add a little bit of extra flair to every outfit, but they’re also the perfect option for when your hair just isn’t doing what you want it to do.


Typically associated with a Southwestern look, there are plenty of ways to rock some fringe without seeming like you’re about to go work on a ranch. It can be incredibly chic, and here are some tips for planning your outfit:


A fringe bag or a pair of boots with fringe around the ankles are great ways to start out if you’re unsure about jumping on the fringey bandwagon. If you like leather handbags, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a high-quality fringed bag to polish off your look.


Try a fringe shawl or boho-style jacket for a touch of fringe more eye-catching than a bag or shoes. These types of staples go great with earth tone outfits and give you a carefree yet polished look.


Fringe skirts are great for women who want to show a little bit of leg without wearing a miniskirt. Solid color skirts can be easily dressed up with a a touch of fringe for some fun and flirty flair.


There’s something undeniably cool about timeless, classic checked patterns. They’re so easy to dress up for the workplace or dress down for the weekend. Here are some ideas to rock checked prints to impress everyone:


What is a bigger wardrobe staple than a classic plaid, button-down shirt? While it can be worn on its own for weekend wear, you can also layer a shrug cardigan over it for casual Friday. Pair it with some cropped pants and a some booties for a fashion-forward fall look. Trying buttoning it up all the way and wearing a statement necklace with it.


 This is the perfect opportunity to utilize your checked shirt as a jacket. Invest in a cozy flannel one in a size bigger than you’d wear if you wore it as a shirt rather than a jacket.


 Go for a pencil-fit in a classic plaid pattern. If your plaid skirt does have pleats, steer clear of cardigans or blouses so you don’t look too studious.

Most important of all: have fun with your style, and let your clothes present yourself the way YOU want to be seen.

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