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Desk to Dusk: How to go from day to night

Fall is in the air, which means work and school are making our lives busy again, and the holiday season is just around the corner. And you know what that means: There will be plenty of times when you have to head straight from work to an evening function, a night out with friends or even a holiday party. The only problem? You have to choose your outfits with care in order to easily transition from a day look to a night ensemble.

Luckily, clothing that’s considered business casual for women is often nice enough to transition into more evening-appropriate looks – it just takes getting a little creative. Here are a few easy ways to turn your daytime outfit into one that’s perfect for a night on the town or a holiday party:

Start with versatile items

The first step to easily transitioning an outfit from day to night is to start with items that are versatile enough to be appropriate in both settings. Consider a tuxedo blazer, for instance. Pair it with slacks and a blouse and you’ll have a stylish work outfit. On the other hand, layer it over a dress or dark wash skinny jeans, and you’ll be ready for a night out. Other versatile items include dresses, A-line and pencil skirts and tights.

woman wearing a tuxedo jacket

Switch your shoes

No matter what you’re wearing, switching out your shoes is a great way to dress an outfit up for the evening. If you’re wearing loafers or flats to the office, switch them out for a pair of heels. This fall and winter you can even go for heeled booties, for a look that’s both stylish and appropriate for the weather.

heeled bootie

Replace your jacket

If you’re wearing a blazer or cardigan to work during the day, you’ll want to switch it out for something a bit edgier to get a more evening-appropriate look. The outerwear you choose will depend on where you’re going, though. If you’re wearing pants and a cute top and you’re just headed out with friends, switch out a blazer or cardigan for a leather jacket. If you’re about to go to a holiday party and you’re wearing a pretty dress, top the look with an elegant shrug or wrap.

woman wearing a sparkly wrap

Add some baubles

Think about it: When you’re getting ready for an evening out, what’s the last thing you put on? For most women it’s jewelry, which is why adding a few statement baubles can go a long way toward helping you transition your look to evening  wear. Don a statement necklace, or top your look with fun bangles on each wrist. You could even jazz up your outfit by adding a colorful or embellished belt.

Crystal Necklace and Earring Set

Change your bottoms

Trousers may look smart at the office, but if you’re headed to a holiday party or evening function, you may want to opt for different bottoms. Try switching out your trousers for leggings or tights to make the ensemble a bit more evening-appropriate.

Glitter Tights

Try a smaller purse

The handbag you carry to work is probably big enough to hold all of your day-to-day necessities and office supplies. Leave that at the office in favor of a smaller cross-body bag or clutch. Choose one with shiny embellishments or fun colors to beautifully dress up your outfit.

Aztec Embroidery Cross-Body bag

One final tip: Don’t forget about your makeup! Sometimes transitioning your look from day to night is as easy as adding some eyeliner or putting on bright red lipstick. Doing that, and making a few of the changes listed above should you set you up for an amazing evening.

Comment below on which idea you’re going to try for your next day to night adventure!

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this really helped me dress for dusk

I truly agree that fashion jewelry gives you an instant gorgeous look.

Hi,thank you for giving us so nice tips!!
I love buying shoes from your collection..

Blouse paired with straight pant and Blazer looks amazing for casual work outfit. Accessories like heeled boots clutch and Jewelry is enhancing beauty to your look.

Love your shoes and boot BUT NO FREE SHIPPING OVER 250? I have an almost$600 order I hate that you make customers pay an extra 11% for shipping. I’m getting punished for buying more. So I’m going to find them elsewhere until you give FREE SHIPPING. Have a nice season. I’m sure many customers feel the same way!

Hi Claudia,
Thanks for sharing your frustration about shipping costs. They are an annoyance, but we charge them to cover the postage delivery charge, handling and packaging the product, processing the order, and some overhead costs related to all this. The cost to us generally goes up as the price of the product increases which is why you see many companies use a shipping charge table as we do. We do hope to be able to serve you in the future. We do sometimes offer deals on Facebook that can cover shipping costs. Hopefully you “Like” our page so you can get post updates in your newsfeed if you are on Facebook. Or be sure to sign up for our emails because we sometimes send offers there as well. Thanks again!

I am not one to pay alot for clothes or shoes. But for you Monroe and Main I do. They are true to size and comfortable. (Shoes). Please add more variety of shoes and boots. In wide width. And a more variety of dresses and skirts that are not so old looking. I am in my 50’s and not amused by the variety of clothes. Will keep shopping.( More discounts would help too).

Thanks for the comments and suggestions Rhonda! We appreciate the feedback!

I absolutely love your clothing and especially the shoes and boots. I’ve purchased over 15 pairs of shoes from you!

Wow-Debbi! Thanks for being such a fabulous customer! We love hearing this! 🙂

Hi. Iam a regular customer. Can you please contact the style department and add more trendy plus size lady clothing. I would love to order more times thru the year but most cloths on here are for women in there late 40,50,60’s…and iam sure they would like to dress youthful trendy too…no disrespect i love M&M but please connect with the plus size community. Also under ware for the plus i wear 44dd or 42ddd bra and i like thick wide scraps to hold me up.. and size 11/12(4x5x)pantys here are some out side plus size stores thats trending…Torrid/AshleyStewart/jessica london/fashion to figure,j.c penny,sears catherins..please add more real leather boots need burnt red orangeish or grey to go with my $89.00 gemma tunic*****..this is just a recommendation. And a customer that love your online store. And hopeing to buy more and hope change will come soon
Have a Sweet Day

Thanks Tomeka for all these suggestions! We love getting feedback from our customers. We will do definitely share it with our merchandisers!! Please be sure to check a new collection we will be offering this Spring that will have some trendier styles up to 5X. Thanks again for the comment!


good tips

Wow, Amazing collection. Love it

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