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How to dress your triangle body type

Woman in multi-color tunic and jeans

When it comes to how to dress your body type, it’s all about highlighting your assets and downplaying areas you’d rather hide. For ladies with a triangle body type, that means putting the focus on the top and deemphasizing your bottom half to create body balance. A triangle body type is characterized by a narrow bust and waist, with hips as your widest measurement. Do you fall in this category? Learn how to dress your triangle body shape:

Focus on the narrow shoulders of your triangle body shape

Your small top is likely where you want to put the focus, especially your noticeably narrow shoulders. For many ladies, this is their favorite feature and they aim to draw eyes to their dare-to-bare arms. Wearing tank tops is a great strategy for summer because sleeveless shirts not only show off your assets, but they can also help you beat the heat. However, this strategy doesn’t work as well during the cooler months of fall.

During this season, you’ll need to cover your top half to keep warm, and plain tees on narrow shoulders and a smaller bust can throw off your body balance. Instantly add volume to your top half with a ruffled neckline blouse. Or, broaden your shoulders with a shawl collar jacket. If you widen your top with a detailed neckline or collar, be sure to limit your fashion accessories to earrings and bracelets rather than necklaces.

Woman in white ruffled blouse and black and white pencil skirt

Be wary of hemlines

Since the widest part of your body is your hips, you’ll want to draw the focus away from this area. However, the bottoms of most shirts hit right at the hips, and the added horizontal hemline can visually widen them even more. Consider opting for a top with an uneven hemline, such as a billowing tunic, tank top or blouse. Even when adding another layer with a blazer to keep warm during the chillier months, the main focus will be on the uneven hemline of your shirt underneath because it’s so visually interesting.

If you’re looking for a more feminine look, go with a dress this fall, and wear a pair of tights for an added layer of warmth. Because the dress falls far below the hips, it will serve the same purpose as a shirt with an uneven hemline. Just be sure the dress cinches in at your waist rather than at the hips.

Woman in multi-color tunic and jeans

Wear darker shades on bottom

Wearing a neutral such as deep brown, black, gray or navy blue on bottom is doubly beneficial. First, the darker shade downplays your wider hips, and secondly, having a neutral color on bottom gives you more color opportunities on top. During the fall, the goal for ladies with a triangle shape is to add volume on your narrow, top half to create body balance and to pull eyes up rather than down. Prints and bold fall colors do that. Pair a bright, patterned shirt or a fun fall-colored top in aubergine, cobalt, red or orange with neutral jeans, a women’s black pencil skirt or navy blue pants.

Don’t let your body shape limit what you wear. Instead, use it as an opportunity to be strategic with your wardrobe and create body balance on your triangle shape.

Woman in asymmetrical-hem top, blue pants and black flats

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