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Tank Tops: How to wear one as a layering piece or by itself

Woman in jeans and sleeveless button-front top


Pack away your winter coats and sweaters and break out your summer wardrobe! It’s tank top season, a period marked by warm weather and sleeveless shirts. Unsure how to make a tank top work for you? We’ve got you covered:

Go casual

Tank tops are a great article of clothing to be worn solo, especially in the summer. For an easy look, wear the shirts with casual shorts for women during the day while you’re running errands. Dress this style up for the evening by tucking flowy tank tops into a slim-fitting skirt and adding heels.

Arista Top

No matter what the occasion, make sure you have the right bra to wear with your tank top. If you’re chilly or looking for something to wear over the shirt, try a shrug cardigan or leather jacket.

“Tank tops can be layered under a blazer for work.”

Perfect for work

It can be difficult to wear a full business suit in the summer heat. To make it through the warmth without an issue, try adding a tank top. Tuck the shirt into the skirt or pant bottom of the suit for your commute and incorporate a blazer jacket once you reach the office. You can also change into a more formal shirt once you reach the workplace if you feel the tank top won’t cut it with the established dress code.


Since tank tops come in all shapes and sizes you won’t have any trouble finding a work-appropriate option that both pairs well with a business suit and transitions to an evening out!

Modern DB Jacket

Add a layer

While tank tops are often worn as a stand-alone piece with a pair of shorts, a skirt or pants, they’re also a perfect layering tool. Not only can you add one tank top on top of another to achieve a more casual look, but wearing the shirt under a sheer top is both fashion-forward and ensures you’re not showing too much skin. In this way, tank tops can act as a camisole.


To layer successfully, pair tank tops in complimentary colors or wear one in a solid color over or under another in a pattern.

Don’t forget to accessorize

No matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong by adding some fashion accessories to your tank top. The kinds of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings you add, however, may depend on the formality of the event.


For work, simple accessories are best. Gold jewelry sets can really spruce up a business suit. To make a more casual outfit stand out, don’t be afraid of big and bold accessories in the form of chunky bracelets and necklaces. Scarves and leather belts are other strong options to dress up a simple tank top and add some definition. Just be mindful of mixing loud patterns to ensure the outfit isn’t too overwhelming to the eye.


Tank tops are a versatile piece of clothing perfect for just about every occasion. Whether you wear them for work, a party on the beach or a night out, these shirts can be worn alone or as a layering choice.

Girl wearing pink flowy tank top


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Kal Vanno

Can women over 50 wear a tee shirt under a loose fitting tank top,or is that to immature,or girlish?


Ive seen plenty of woman over 50 wear tank tops. Its just finding the style that fits you :(.

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Published on May 30 2017

Last Updated on Jun 01 2017

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