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Various women wearing different colored clothing

Introducing the fall 2021 colors

When it comes to transitioning your wardrobe for fall, there’s more to consider than just adding layers and including warmer garments. Staying on trend with the season means keeping up to date on current styles and incorporating those elements, namely colors, into your ensembles. There are a few shades that have proven to be quintessential fall tones throughout time, but there are also some surprises in this year’s lineup. Check out the fall 2015 colors of the season:

Various women wearing different colored clothing


A deep shade of purple, this eggplant tone exudes opulence and luxury. Slipping into a blouse or dress featuring this hue puts you right in the middle of this season’s style while also delivering an elegant look. This vibrant color is perfect for office wear, as the bold shade demonstrates your powerful self-confidence – a trait sought after in the workplace.

Because this shade is so striking, incorporate it into your outfit in small doses. That is, you may not want to wear an entire jumpsuit featuring this shade, but a top with black pants will strike an effective balance. Of course, one-piece outfits such as jumpsuits are on-trend and super convenient. So, if you want to incorporate aubergine into a garment that covers your whole body, either select a piece that features the shade in a pattern among other colors, or break it up with different colored accessories. Shades that go well with aubergine include neutrals, dark greens and golden yellows.

Purple heel with adustable buckle


When ladies wonder how to wear blue, they usually have the spring and summer months in mind. Not anymore. Cobalt, a vibrant shade of blue, is on-trend this fall. It looks fabulous on any skin tone color, making it an easy color to wear for any woman and in any way.

Easily the brightest of all the fall shades, cobalt is the perfect tone for adding pops of color into your ensemble. Draw attention to your small waist with a cobalt handbag. A purse that tucks neatly under your shoulder and falls above the hips automatically draws eyes to this point. Or, counterbalance your top half with a cobalt statement shoe. A lovely pointed-toe heel will draw out the line of your legs, contributing to a leaner shape.

silhouette of a cobalt blue dress


As many of our shoppers may have guessed, the name for this color was derived from a popular varietal of wine. The beautiful, deep berry shade has gone from wineglass to runway, and it’s proven to be a fabulous fall color. Add a splash of this shade with a patterned sheath dress – just incorporating drops of this color is enough to brighten any ensemble. Plus, the sheath dress will hug your curves in all the right places without being too revealing. However, you can also take a deeper plunge into this hue by wearing a monochromatic item with this color. For example, a merlot pencil skirt can easily take you from day to night. Just slip on a chic leather jacket after work, and you’re ready for a night on the town.

woman in merlot sweater, gold necklace and black pants


Orange is one of those integral fall colors that, because of its relation to changing leaves, has been consistent throughout the years. Because this nature-inspired hue is so commonly associated with fall, it’s the perfect color to get you in the mood for the season. There’s no rhyme or reason to how much or little orange to wear. In fact, you can wear it all over with a patterned skirt suit. The structured fabric of a skirt suit will enhance your shape while remaining office appropriate, and a burnt orange hue will help you stay in style.

Orange is notably an iconic Halloween color when paired with black, but you can wear orange during fall without looking too holiday specific. Simply opt for burnt orange over a bright, pumpkin hue. To incorporate this look with more colors, go with dark neutrals such as deep gray and brown.

woman wearing multi-colored orange sheath dress and heels


Be the lady in red this fall by incorporating this daring color into your wardrobe. Confidently wear red in a tomato-tone skirt suit with a mermaid flare. The added dimension at the hemline adds visual interest to your ensemble, and the vibrant red color will give you a stand-out look.

Red is also bright enough to be noticed in even the tiniest of details. Achieve heart-racing allure and sophistication with a plaid jacket featuring red elements in the pattern. Not only is plaid a notable fall print, but the splash of red will instantly enhance your look, keeping you in line with the fall style. Or, wear your favorite pair of stretch jeans with a chic red ankle boot. The pop of color on your feet will draw eyes down rather than to the side, emphasizing your lean, tall shape.

Make sure you’re working these colors into your fall wardrobe to stay on-trend this season.

woman wearing red hat

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I really like the color Aubergine. It is a very rich and fun color.

Orange and Red are great colors for the Season this Fall they both add beautiful pop of color that can be worn with confidence where ever.

I love the adding Aubergine, any shade of Purple is my fave color and I agree with how this eggplant tone exudes opulence and luxury.

Why would the designer put that black stuff in that purple shoe. Not a good look.

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