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Misses & Plus at Monroe & Main

Style Has No Size!

Woman wearing royal blue skirt suit

How We Do Fit

Woman measuring a dress on a model

At Monroe and Main, one of the things we pride ourselves most on is how well our clothing fits women’s bodies – and that’s any woman, no matter her size!

So, to give you an inside look at how we make sure we get the best fit every single time, we sat down with the ladies on the merchandising and technical design teams. We call these ladies our “fit team,” and their goal is simple: to make the clothes look great on you, our lovely customers.

We Stand for Self-Acceptance

We celebrate the unique beauty to be found in every size, shape and silhouette with timeless looks that inspire admiring glances and endless compliments. Because you deserve it all, we firmly believe that comfort and style should never be mutually exclusive, whether found in a curvaceous pencil skirt, a pair of slim jeans, a flowy tunic or go-everywhere activewear pieces.

Equally as important, this means feeling comfortable in your own skin and with the place at which you have arrived in life today. From casual, everyday errands to festive family gatherings, you need a versatile wardrobe that works as hard as you do.

At Monroe and Main, we’re all about bringing you solutions: helping you to address any wardrobe concerns you may have with our figure-flattering designs, quality fabrics and on-trend fashions to take your confidence to the next level.

Sweater dress with ribbed-knit, pleated bodice with red top and pink and red stripe skirt

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  1. Just received one of your catalogs. Love your clothes but, I’m 4’11” tall ( petite) and wear a size 5 shoe. So help.

  2. I just got your catalog and the top I went to order a
    Is already sold out in xl. I am very disappointed ☹️

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