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Stay warm on cool summer nights

The sun sets later, and everyone seems to have a little bit more energy during the summer months, meaning you might be spending a lot of time outdoors under the stars. Here’s some tips on how to stay warm on cool summer nights.

Whether you’re at a late-night baseball game, a bonfire or a concert, you’ll want to be able to go from day to night in a flash, both for style and warmth. The temperature can drop significantly after the sun sets, so your wardrobe should be prepared for this. Here are three tools to keep warm on those chilly summer nights:

1. Sweaters

Sweaters are a more casual approach to keeping warm, and they are perfect for informal activities like a barbeque, festival or a backyard party. A long cardigan is lightweight, but gives enough coverage to stop the brisk night air from giving you the chills. According to xoJane, though a slouchy cardigan is typically a layering piece for fall, it can also be used for a laid-back, beach style that is also warm and comfortable. This pieces goes well with jeans, shorts, a sundress or even your swimsuit as a warmer form of a cover-up.

An open knit to help you stay warm on cool summer nights.

2. Jackets

Denim jackets are totally in style, and they are perfect for overcast days and chilly nights. They effectively create the popular country-chic look, or they can be dressed up for a night in the city with a few flashy accessories. They work both in jacket and vest form. Plus, since denim a neutral, it can paired with just about any style, color or pattern. Community Table suggests going with a darker wash, which carries a more sophisticated, upscale look. When pairing your denim jacket with jeans, make sure the shades are different. You don’t want them too close in tone, otherwise the colors will conflict.

For an air of sophistication, go with a more formal, printed jacket. This summer night cover-up is perfect for going to a late dinner at an air-conditioned restaurant or for visiting an outdoor shopping mall after the sun has set. When going with a print, especially if it’s bold, try to coordinate with neutral colors to make sure your ensemble doesn’t clash. You don’t want anything stopping you from keeping warm in the brisk night air.

A jean jacket to help you stay warm on cool summer nights.

3. Accessories

Who says scarves are just for snow? Scarves, particularly ones in a lightweight fabric, are ideal both for wrapping around your neck or draping over your shoulders like a shawl. This accessory is fairly inexpensive, so go ahead and indulge. Explore different colors and patterns to mix and match with your ensemble. If the scarf is thin enough, you can tie it in your hair during the day and wrap it around your body at night to keep warm. That way, you’ll always have it on hand without having to carry it around.

Wearing a hat is also a great method to keep your whole body warm, and there are plenty of options when it comes to fashion-forward headgear. Even non-knit hats, like a fedora or sun hat, can still trap the heat on your head, making this accessory a fabulous way to keep from shivering.

A scarf to help you stay warm on cool summer nights.

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