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A guide to job interview fashion

After all the tedious and repetitive work of typing up your resume, applying for the right job and nailing the phone interview, the time will come where you will finally have to explain why you’re the best available candidate in person. But believe it or not, perhaps the most important element to getting the position has less to do with your credentials and more to do with your fashion sense.

In an interview with Forbes, Dr. Frank Bernieri, a professor psychology at Oregon State University, said that more often than not, employers tend to make their decision on hiring an applicant within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. How you’re dressed is a primary component of this impression.

According to Bernieri, not wearing the right clothes to a meeting is essentially the same as “picking your nose during an interview.” Knowing the ins and outs of job interview fashion might just make the difference between landing the career of your dreams and missing out, so here are a few wardrobe tips to consider that will help you nail that job interview:


Conservative is always safe
If you’re finding yourself rummaging through your closet to try and find the ideal interview attire, it’s important to keep in mind that playing it safe is the least risk you can take when it comes to off ice fashion. Bernieri told Forbes that looking classy and sophisticated essentially tells an employer three things: “One, you’re making an effort; two, you’re making an effort not to offend; three, you’re polite and respectful.”

Entering an office wearing a suit tells the person interviewing you right off the bat that you’re a professional woman who cares about appearing in an elegant manner. Typically, a darker two-piece suit complemented with a lighter blouse worn underneath is a surefire way to make the right impression.

Job Interview Suit

Choose your color wisely
As much as you might want to portray your sparkling personality through your attire, a job interview is far from the catwalk. Strolling into an office wearing a hot pink suit or an all-teal outfit will scream that you’re an attention-seeker, and may give off the wrong impression to employers. Stick to darker shades for your job interview, including navy, gray or black.

Mini Ottoman Jacket
Navy is a great way to conjure up feelings of calm, comfort and composure, three traits that any business would want to have in an employee. Gray and black play off the traditional practices of playing it safe when it comes to workplace fashion. While some people tend to think of red as a more fiery and passionate color to don during an interview, it’s also found to be an extremely intimidating color that gives off vibes of aggression, something that could frighten off employers. If you do want to show off a little color to brighten the mood, try wearing a more vibrant shaded blouse underneath your suit.



Which shoe fits?
You’ve found the perfect suit that has a darker color, and you’re looking confident and cool. All that’s left is the icing on the cake. Shoes are the last piece of the interview wardrobe puzzle, and it’s always a smart move to go with a closed toe shoe or small heel. Wobbling into a meeting wearing high heels might throw off your sturdy posture, and the last thing you want to be a distraction during a job interview is your shoes. As with the rest of your attire, darker colored shoes will definitely suffice.

Dimperial Pump by Aerosoles

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