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Fall workweek chic

woman in white top, pin-stripe trousers and black shoes

Cool weather usually heralds a new set of work wear that’s stylish but can combat the lower temperatures.

This means you should stock up on items that will layer well and offer more protection from the elements. Now, just because you’re keeping warmth in mind when choosing your attire doesn’t mean you should be ignoring fashion. You should never have to sacrifice style when looking for additions to your wardrobe, so make sure your fall work clothes are sensible, yet chic and trendy.

Blouses for work

Our blouses for work are created with comfort and style in mind, so you’ll be able to find something fashionable that you’d be happy to wear outside of work, as well. When adding attire to your wardrobe, make sure you give yourself plenty of variety. For instance, if you have a couple of tunics already stashed away in your closet, find a flowy button-up or peplum top to diversify your look.

You should also keep layering in mind when choosing a blouse. Light, fitted items would work well for a base layer, while a button-up could be worn over a cotton T-shirt. Also consider whether the shirt styles will go well with covers like cardigans or blazers.

woman wearing a work outfit

Professional pants

Dress pants for women are an important part of any work wear wardrobe. Pants are a great way to stay warm in fall temperatures, but make sure you choose a style that flatters your body. For instance, if you’re shorter, you’ll probably want to stay away from gauchos and flare pants. These styles will only make you appear even smaller, so go with a more slim cut to give an elongated appearance.

Plus-size women should consider finding a classic, wide-leg trouser. Pair this look with heels to create slim lines that flatter your figure and make you look taller.

woman wearing work trousers

Cozy cover-ups

Start layering your outfits by topping them with comfortable cover-ups like cardigans and blazers. Go with styles that are trending right now like the boyfriend cardigan and oversized blazer. These styles will set you apart at work and have you labeled as a fashionista in no time.

Use your cover-up to layer by starting with a fitted tee, adding a button-up over that and finishing off the look with a blazer. You’ll instantly look stylish while maintaining that extra coverage you need for the season.

woman wearing a crepe jacket

Fashionable accessories

Accessorize your work wear with a statement piece, like a scarf. This item is perfect for autumn and will really enhance your outfit. Make sure you know how to tie a scarf in a way that works well with your outfit, like a bunny ear with a tunic or a French twist with a loose blouse and blazer. Try different scarf fabrics and ties with each ensemble to see which ones look the best.

Find yourself some chic booties and boots as well. This look will keep your toes well-covered while providing a pop of color to your outfit or a sleek finish.

woman wearing a scarf headed to work

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Published on Dec 09 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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