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Skirt suits are in!

Move over pants, fashion skirt suits are in. If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, have no fear, the skirt suit is here (to help). Here’s the lowdown on this look and how to rock it:

The skirts vs. pants battle

When it comes to suits, you probably have a great pair of pants that fit just right. Suits with pants or skirts are great options when you need to look professional. In the business world, they’re a good way to show that you’re ready for work but also fashionable.

Pants work just fine, but lately the trends are moving quickly in a different direction – toward skirts.

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Let’s talk length

A big reason that women stray away from skirts is because lengths can get pretty tricky. If you’re long-legged, you don’t want anything too short that will be too revealing. On the other hand, if a skirt doesn’t fall at the right spot, it can shorten the look of your legs.

When deciding whether a skirt is appropriate or not, perform this simple test in your home mirror. Take a seat, and look how close it rides up your thighs. It should fall below your mid thigh. In addition, your skirt shouldn’t be so long that you cannot comfortably fold your legs. Be sure to look in a mirror to get the full image. Note: Avoid miniskirts.

If you don’t feel comfortable sporting your bare legs, panty hose are the way to go. Nude or bare look great with a dark skirt suit and heels or flats. Do whatever makes you feel most confident.

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You can mix and match

Although most skirt suits come in pairs, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Do you have a red blazer that would go great with the navy skirt you bought? Get creative and pair outfits together to craft your own personal style.

In addition, sometimes buy separate pieces instead of full getups. This ensures both of the garments fit your body perfectly – sometimes the top or bottom of a skirt suit can gape or squeeze the body, even if the other piece fits well.

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Practice before wearing

If you feel a little nervous about trying out the skirt suit, it’s best not to jump straight into it. Try walking around your home or running errands before wearing it somewhere important. That means you’ll be able to build up the confidence before sporting it at work or at a party. Remember that if you feel good, people will be able to tell. The same goes for if you feel uncomfortable.

Add accessories

Because skirt suits tend to be darker colors, don’t forget to accessorize. Fashion necklaces and earrings add some shine to this classic look. Don’t forget about a handbag, either. A leather handbag would work great in an office setting. The vintage look is totally chic, and they’re big enough to store all of your needed items – from lunch to your laptop.

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Follow the directions

Remember that most skirt suits require a little bit more attention than regular laundry. Check the tag to see if the item can be dried or needs to be hand washed. If you have an important day ahead of you, it’s best to have your suit dry cleaned. Consider investing in a mini steamer so that your getup is always in tip-top shape.

Consider a seamstress

If you’re shopping and find a skirt suit you love but that doesn’t appear to fit perfectly, don’t fret: Try a seamstress. Fittings can be a great way to tailor clothes to your body. The more the item is fit to match your curves, the more flattering it will look. Not everyone’s body falls into the categories of small, medium and large. To avoid oversized or too-small items, stop by your local seamstress. Tailors are relatively inexpensive, and the benefits you’ll reap are worth it.

Go with traditional

If you’re not sure what kind of skirt to wear, go with the traditional pencil skirt. This can be flattering on all body types. However, where it falls on your hips or waist will determine how slimming it looks.

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Dress for the season

It’s important to remember that colors change by season. If you’re in summer, you don’t want to be sporting a tweed suit. In addition to being too warm, the patterns and styles might be out of season. When in doubt, opt for a traditional black or navy suit. These suits work all year round. If you want to sport a bright color, try doing so with a neutral blouse. It won’t be too overwhelming, but you’ll still get to sport your personality.

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