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100 Secret Strategies Sweepstakes Entry

Monroe and Main Sweepstakes


Secret Strategies Sweepstakes Notice


Geraldine G. from Portland, OR
Angela C. from Sacramento, CA
Amy K. from Edgewater, CO
Raymond D. from Brookfield, NH
Sheri N. from Milwaukee, WI
Noreen T. from Harrisburg PA
Susanna W. from San Jose, CA
Lela T. from Minneapolis, MN
Amanda A. from McAllen, TX
Sandi Z. from Poynette, WI
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Comments (33)

Geraldine Goodgame

I git an email saying I was pick how do I confirm it

Monroe and Main

Hi Geraldine, Just go ahead and reply to the email and we will be in touch! 🙂 Congratulations!!!!


There is no entry form. I’ve tried several times and I don’t see anywhere to enter the Sweepstakes! I know my time is running out to enter.

Monroe and Main

Hi Cindy,
We’re sorry you’re having trouble – Could you please send an email with your information to so we can troubleshoot?


I ordered a pair of half boots. I was amazed on how great and how fast they came in. I will order more stuff soon.

Monroe and Main

So glad you’re happy with your purchase! We’re happy to have you as a customer 🙂

Annie Spear

It won’t let me enter contest anymore even though rules state I can enter everyday until 3/4/16. For the last 3 days it’s a “no go”!!!!

Monroe and Main

Hi Annie, the sweepstakes is still active. Are you getting some kind of error message when you try to enter? Please provide more information if possible. You can also email us at


Other items i have purchased were prefect.

Jacquelyn Fleming

Love me some MONROE and Maine. Love the chic styles.

ed harris

It is MAIN, not Maine


I didn’t see much to help a flat behind , any suggestions ?

Monroe and Main

Hi Kathy,
Lighter wash denims and busier prints can help make your bottom look bigger. Pocket placement can also be key. Bigger/wider pockets can tend to take away from your natural figure while smaller and higher placed pockets will better flatter a smaller/flatter behind and make it look like your tush has more volume. Hope this helps!

Louella Louden

I just love the variety of styles you have to offer. I can always find something I can feel confident in. Thanks Monroe and Main for making the voluptuous women feel beautiful.


I carry my weight in the girth a huge Apple from my hips up. I don’t. See many options to really help.


Monroe and Main

Hi Tye,
With that type of body, we recommend wearing tops or dresses with a v-cut neckline to offset the size of your chest and create a cleaner line. Pairing tops with fitted jackets or blazers can also be figure flattering as they create similar lines and give you a great silhouette. Empire waist tops can be flattering on this body type as well because they’ll accentuate your top half and are great at hiding tummies. Apple body types also look great in patterns which are flattering and can distract from features you don’t want noticed. Here’s an article we previously published about Dressing for Your Body Type. Hope this helps!

Bobbi Smith

Bought a new pair of tennis shoes love them thanks!! Love the spring looking colors in my new Skechers!!

Monroe and Main

Glad you like them, Bobbi!

Marceline Henderson

I like the more dressy suit dresses. They are always the right length. I get a lot of compliments when I wear them.

Monroe and Main

So happy to hear you like our suit dresses, Marceline!

Karen Blyden

Number 30 is me all the way


Tried to order a catalog from link provided to Dee, but it kept defaulting to the zip code and phone number fields which has the word “null” in them. Putting the correct information there doesn’t permit the request to go through.

Monroe and Main

Hi Sherie,
Could you please send your address to Someone will be able to assist you with getting a catalog.


I Enjoy Shopping with Monroe and Main’s Fashion 🙂 My Favorite to shop from…

JoAnn Edward

I love your clothing. I shop withi you a lot.

sally durso

I get so so many compliments on everything I have ordered from Monroe & Main. Clothes and accessories are so unique and fashionable. I will be a forever customer. Thank you.




Have just placed a large order and am anxiously awaiting delivery. Can’t wait to see my new clothing. Love your styles, not ordinary run of the mill!

A. Horne

I had ordered the Black and White Sweater. It is beautiful! Once I put it on it fits true to size and hangs nicely!

Dee Smith

I would like to request a catalog but link provided is not active. ???

Monroe and Main

Here’s how to request a catalog Dee:

Jenny francis

I don’t see a way to share this on my page.

Monroe and Main

Hi Jenny, thanks for asking. There should be a Social Sharing menu on the left side of the blogpost kind of floating off to the site wtih options to Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Hope you are able to figure it out. Or you can just take this link: and paste it into your Facebook post. Does that work? Thanks again for asking! Make sure you enter every day! 🙂 Good luck!

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