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100 Secret Strategies Sweepstakes!



Secret Strategies Sweepstakes Notice


Geraldine G. from Portland, OR
Angela C. from Sacramento, CA
Amy K. from Edgewater, CO
Raymond D. from Brookfield, NH
Sheri N. from Milwaukee, WI
Noreen T. from Harrisburg PA
Susanna W. from San Jose, CA
Lela T. from Minneapolis, MN
Amanda A. from McAllen, TX
Sandi Z. from Poynette, WI
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Comments (23)

Glenda Quinones

Monroe it’s the best

April Crisafulli

Were the winners chosen yet?

Monroe and Main

Not yet April! We’re working on it though. Stay tuned!

Joanne Johnson

Monroe is the best!


I just love Monroe and Main


Purchase two fedora hats love them one white and one straw next order will be the gladiator black sandals.

Jennifer Horak

I’m terminally ill and I’d love to try just about all of the tricks! The one I love is the parallel lines to create the illusion oh length, since I’m shrinking! The black and white dress is beautiful!

Monroe and Main

Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer!


Monroe and Main always has the latest styles, especially for us bigger gals, thanks!

Lynda Busener

how can I get free shipping

Monroe and Main

Hi Lynda, thanks for your request. We sometimes offer promotions on Facebook or through email, so make sure you Like us on Facebook and sign up for our emails to get these offers. Also-have you visited our Coupons Page? Here’s another opportunity. Thanks again for asking! Happy shopping!


Year after year season after season you still offer the same merchandise and it’s never on sale for a reasonable price. And often times upon ordering the merchandise it’s not worth what it costs! And a 100 dollar sweepstakes isn’t enough to have a shopping spree


Is a purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes? Where and how do I enter?

Monroe and Main

Hi Beverly, A purchase is not necessary to enter. You can entry right here: Thanks! 🙂 Be sure to come back and enter every day too!

Thomasa DelValle

I love all of the items that I have purchased. Cannot wait to make another purchase.

Barbara Williams

Fashion, fashion and more sytles. High.and medium and even comfort casual Monroe and main is where it”s at. SPRING,SUMMER OR FALL.

Kathy Blystone

I just love your clothes and would love some more.

Melba Bailey

I love the products I have purchased I have not been dissatisfied with anything that I have purchased

Mina Pullen

Mina February 7, 2016

Your buyers are at the top of the list when it comes to fashion! Young and old can wear your clothing.


Wi win win that’s my wish Fashinta person


Sure could use improvement to my wardrobe and figure.


I don’t understand how to enter I have baoght quite a bit and would like to enter your contest but don’t understand how thank you

Monroe and Main

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