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Bloggers show off holiday transitional looks

Same woman in pink boyfriend blazer worn 2 different ways

Style, personality, and creative versatility shine with Monroe and Main fashions. Bloggers show unique ways they transition from day to night, casual to dressy, and more!

All bloggers are compensated with complimentary product in exchange for an honest review of the items.
Opinions expressed by bloggers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Monroe and Main.


Check out our Blogger Holiday Event.

From Winter to Spring with Still Blonde After These Years!

From Winter to Spring with Still Blonde after all these Years! blogger.


Daytime to date night with Savings in Seconds.

Daytime to date night with Savings in Seconds blogger.


Save time with adaptable clothing with LW Vogue.

Save time with adaptable clothing with LW blogger.


Switch to a Party Look with Comeback Momma.

Switch to a Party Look with Comeback Momma blogger.


Simplify your life with Kirstin Marie.

Simplify your life with Kirstin Marie blogger.


School Day to Holiday Glam with Modly Chic!

School Day to Holiday Glam with Modly Chic blogger!


Start with a great basic with Broken Teepee blog.

Start with a great basic with Broken Teepee blog.


Ready for Girls Night Out with Jinxy Beauty  blog.

Ready for Girls Night Out with Jinxy Beauty  blogger.


Make your outfit less “mom-like” with Glamour-Zine Blogger.

Make your outfit less "mom-like" with Glamour-Zine Blogger.


Perfect Transitional Looks with Bre’s Baubles blog.

Perfect Transitional Looks with BresBabules blogger.


Desk to Dinner with AprilGoLightly blog.

Desk to Dinner with AprilGoLightly blogger.


Work to Weekend with BayArea Mommy blog.

Work to Weekend with BayArea Mommy blogger.

Comments (63)

Elicia P

Cute looks. Very nice how you can play up or down a few pieces.

Buddy Garrett

My wife loves these looks.

Melissa Shirley

I love the styles and colors of these clothes. I like the earthy tones they have. I am red headed and I love warm colors and they have beautiful sets that I would totally wear.


love this catalog they have really great clothing line, shoes what ever fashion item you need

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment Cathy!! 🙂

Michele Ash

Thanks so much for showing all the bloggers and their looks with one piece of clothing taking their outfits from Winter to Spring! This is absolutely terrific how one piece of clothing can transition from winter to spring so easily! I absolutely love this about your clothes! I also love the fact that you carry Plus Size clothing as well! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

Michele Ash

Thanks for showing off the bloggers and their change in looks from winter to spring! I love how just one piece of clothing can take you from winter to spring! I absolutely love this about your clothing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂


I have not heard of Monroe and Main before, and I like what I see, they have so many versatile looks.

Thanks for the post!

sheri anderson

Just love this giveaway, the outfits are amazing and thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Cheryl Rogers

Savings in SEconds blog really had a nice day to evening combo! Those slits in the sleeves are adorable– and risque! In a nice way!

teresa jackson

I love Monroe and Main clothing. They are so up to date.

Alice F

I have loved Monroe & Main for several years and even have an account with them. The clothes are top quality. To see a store take “real women” and outfit them in clothing that we would buy is so smart!

Crystal Wall

I just love all the clothes. They are photographed in such a way that makes them look incredible. I especially love the mix and match pieces, but I love the dresses. Thanks for sharing!

Dee Lafrenz

Shelley in the black top with lace skirt! You just cannot beat that for any function! Extremely flattering and classy! Love class!

Next to that I would love the blue sweater on Chrysa, beautiful sweater! Also very classy and stylish.

Sue Hull

I really like the From Winter to Spring and Save Time with Adaptable Clothing 🙂

denise low

Love all the outfits. You also have great prices

Sharon Howard

I Love all the styles shown and I Love how Monroe & Main show women of all sizes that are regular women like me.

Lisa S.

Thank you Monroe & Main for all the help with this blog for us everyday women! These ladies are all very believable in their style & they show that all women, all shapes sizes & styles can look great no matter what the occaision!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

It really looks like every single blogger had fun with their clothing and accessory choices and transforming their looks! I definitely value a versatile piece of clothing 🙂

Linda Poplees

Love the great looks. Beautiful on all figure types, everyone looks gorgeous!

Elizabeth Stacy

Love the outfits


Very nice “transformations” ! Love all the looks, especially Shelley Z…Winter to Spring & April E…Desk to Dinner!

Linda Bradshaw

I love all of these ideas. I am not good and doing this so I can use this to help me. My favorite part is the Switch to a Party Look with Comeback Momma.


Make your outfit less “mom-like” with Glamour-Zine Blogger is mu favorite, I love the boots.


Still Blonde After These Years has a nice outfit!

Rhonda Scott

I really enjoy clothing pieces that are versatile. I need myclothing dollars to go further, and being able to use pieces for casual and dress up really helps.

Gail Williams

I get so many ideas from watching how the bloggers style the clothes. Real life models give me an idea of what I might be able to wear.


I love the outfits. It gives me ideas for my own looks. Thank you bloggers and Monroe and Main. at gmail

Wendi S

I love how the bloggers put all of their outfits together. Without these ideas I would be lost.

Lula Ruger

I love how these things can be dressed up or worn with jeans Thanks for modeling you are all beautiful


i want to be a monroe and main model choose me !!!! i love it the looks are so great

Judy maharrey

I think all the clothes are so cute! I could so see me wearing most of them.

Allison Hicks

I am totally digging the sophisticated sassy yet classy look here on this blog! So glad I found it

Deborah W.

I love all the outfits! Very classy looks and great models. Thanks for modeling, Ladies!

Joely Smith

Great job ladies showing off your transitional looks! I have several favorites and now several items I want to purchase!


I really enjoyed checking out these looks and I like that they were all modeled by women of different shapes, sizes and looks. It gave me some good ideas!

Cathy Jarolin

Everyone looks so awesome in these Lovely clothes. Shelly looks gorgeous in her winter to spring look! I love the Black/Black Lace. .Also Jenn M Looks awesome in her Black and coral combos! My favorite color combination. Plus she is wearing Slacks and a long Skirt. This is what I am most comfortable wearing!!One more comment I love the Blouse Rebeka F Is wearing Lovely!!

Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74)

I love the different looks especially the Winter to Spring.


Everyone looks fantastic! I love Simplify your life with Kirstin Marie styling of the jacket best.

Dana Rodriguez

I love all of these looks..especially Alice’s from BayArea Mommy.That sweater is adorable!


Everyone looks great, but I like Kristyn K.’s look the best. It is a lot like my style, especially the day look. 😉

Kay M

These are some of my favorite bloggers! The clothes they are wearing are amazing! I love so many of these pieces. I know what to tell my husband to get me for my birthday!

Jennifer Pellicone

I LOVE your clothes! I also find your website very easy to navigate. These bloggers have done a fantastic job making me want everything they are wearing, especially Shelley’s skirt!

thomas rusinak

from winter to spring turns my crank

Heather in VA

Everyone looks so nice in both styles that they chose. I wish I could learn how to dress like this.

Sherry Compton

Great looks and I love the way you can change them up.

rochelle haynes

This looks great love to win

Barbara R.

I like all of the looks above. I especially like the ” From Winter to Spring with Still Blonde After These Years!” I can think of an occasion coming up that this look/outfit will be perfect for. The lace part really gives it that chic look.

Lisa Coomer Queen

I really like all these looks. I really like the fact that plus size clothing was included. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Shelly G. because it is very practical and pretty to be able to switch seasons in it. Thanks!

Rebecca Xavier

What beautiful clothing and looks.

Rebecca Xavier

I love how comfortable and versatile your clothing looks.


What a great bunch of looks!

Christy Peeples DuBois

These are such versatile pieces if you know how to style them. I like all of these but the ones that stand out to me are Still Blonde After All These Years (I love how your are wearing your hair), LW Vogue, Comeback Momma, Modly Chic, Glamour Zine, and April GoLightly. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Crystal Rose

I love how you can see all of these looks change.

Jasmine P

I love all of these looks! So cute!

Jessie Shiflett

I love all the looks equally the same (: they are so beautiful.

Jennifer Hiles

So impressive. I love how these fashionista’s can transform one outfit into something totally different. I have to say a couple of my fav’s are the Make your outfit less “mom-like” with Glamour-Zine Blogger, the From Winter to Spring with Still Blonde After These Years (love the black top), and the Ready for Girls Night Out with Jinxy Beauty blog. Although they are all wonderful. This takes talent!

laura rubenstein

Great looks!! I love how versatile everything is. Pretty awesome


I love seeing how these ladies chose to dress for this event- very snazzy!!

Ruth Griffeth

I have to say seeing a store do this is absolutely awesome. They all had wonderful ideas for outfits, and I just have to say you guys have such wonderful clothing I do not think they could have gone wrong!

Cathy Jarolin

It is amazing how versatile Monroe & Mains Clothing Is. I Love it. I also love their styles & Colors. I am going to check out their clothes right after the Holidays, For myself!! Love the Clothes… :0)

Dana Rodriguez

I love all of these looks! Your clothing is so pretty and versatile!

rochelle haynes

This is a nice giveaway hope i am a winner

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