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Secret Strategy #17: Curve-Friendly Fabrics

Shhh. . .it’s a secret! This is why our clothes fit so well!! We only use curve-friendly fabrics. It may sound easy, but the stretch, versatility, and comfort involved in choosing the right fabric for everything we sell is truly scientific! 

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Let us know if you’re a fan of this secret strategy works!  Comment below. 

Flattering Fit & Curve-Friendly Fabrics

Seasonless Stretch Curve-Friendly Fabric

Figure-skimming blend, just right for year-round wear. 

Seasonless Stretch Curve-Friendly Fabric

Classic Blend Curve-Friendly Fabric

Wrinkle resistant and travel-friendly. The look of linen with a more polished finish. 


Polished Cotton Curve-Friendly Fabric

Breathable cotton in a substantial stretch blend that contours your shape. 


Easy Knits Curve-Friendly Fabric

Silky-soft, romantic blends with a luxurious feel and all-day comfort. 


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Comments (2)

why don’t you show a fuller figured women in the clothes you show a slender women in. I am curious how it would look in xl or xxl.

Thanks for your feedback, we will pass this on to our team that handles photography. We value your comments!

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