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Dress for Success Partnership

Dress for Success Partnership

We are very proud of our partnership with Dress for Success and how we send clothes every quarter to help women feel confident and succeed.

The clothes, shoes, & undergarments donated go to disadvantaged women in need of professional attire for career development or for low-income women to wear to job interviews. Clients are referred to the program by agencies such as homeless shelters, job training programs, and domestic violence organizations. Ultimately, the program helps low-income women achieve rewarding careers, financial independence, and stronger families.

The Dress for Success store is where each Dress for Success participant receives one interview outfit for her job search, and then up to a week’s worth of professional clothing when she becomes employed.

In addition to clothing, the program offers participants workshops on topics such as pursuing career goals, understanding corporate culture, and how to handle personal finances.

Check if there is a Dress for Success Chapter near you.


Dress for Success Partnership

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Published on Oct 13 2014

Last Updated on Jun 02 2015

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