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Must-have accessories for fall fashion

Dazzle onlookers in your finest fall scarf!

This upcoming autumn, turn heads faster than falling leaves by incorporating the latest accessories that will make onlookers overwhelmed with envy. Here are just a few trendy adornment ideas that’ll be sure to liven up your fall outfits after cooling down from a sizzling summer.

1. Hone your handbag
We all know it’s not what’s inside your purse that makes it stand out. Prove this point with a handbag that’s just as radiant as your smile. For something a little more majestic, try sporting a Western-style woven handbag that’s knitted in yarn and covered in hypnotic Aztec designs. This plushier fabric will go great with any sweater or turtleneck.

Sport a Western-style woven handbag that’s knitted in yarn and covered in hypnotic Aztec designs.

2. Show off that scarf
Everyone loves a intricately patterned scarf, and it’s nearly torture to have to wait until winter to finally show it off! As soon as you start feeling that cool fall breeze, you know it’s time to bust out your finest furry neck accessory that will look as stunning as you feel. Animal-print scarves crafted out of polyester are more lightweight than typical cotton scarves, so your neck can stay almost as cool as you look!

Dazzle onlookers in your finest fall scarf!

3. Hang on to your hat
Picking the perfect hat is always easier said than done, but once you’ve found that ideal headpiece to go along with your endearing garments, your charm will only become more apparent. If you’re looking for a brim that’s a little more laid back, go for a cloche with a shade of navy blue that will highlight your irresistible complexity. For something more outgoing, try a ruby red fedora with a flower tied to the side to establish a look that’s both perky and adorable.

4. You’re a gem 
Nothing complements a sophisticated fall outfit quite like a dazzling necklace. You’ll relish this enthralling accessory as the autumn sunbeams reflect off your immaculate stones and jewels, and which style of necklace you choose will say a lot about your personality. Can’t hide your extrovert personality? A Southwest nugget long pendant will demonstrate your uninhibited friendliness. Searching for sophistication? Try a fringe-style necklace that won’t scream snazzy, but definitely suggest it.

Nothing complements a sophisticated fall outfit quite like a dazzling necklace.

5. Ring in the fall
It won’t be long until you’ll have to cover your silky smooth hands up again for winter! Relish the remainder of good weather by slipping on a few gorgeous rings that will reflect trendiness and transcend elegance.

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Sharette Boykins

Thanks for those ideas, timing was perfect.They came in just when I needed them.

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Published on Oct 15 2014

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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