Woman in jeans, white top and brown shimmer scarf

Slimming silver accessories

Creating the appearance of a slimmer frame might be easier than you think. Instead of cutting back on holiday goodies, try some of these slimming silver accessories:

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Woman in gray scart over pink top and navy pants

Secret Strategy #56: Limit accessories

A scarf, earrings, and bag will compliment your wardrobe, but limit accessories. Less is generally best.

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Summer Hats, Sunglasses & Necklaces

Summer Hats, Sunglasses & Necklaces

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with fun accessories. Here’s our guide to Summer Hats, Sunglasses & Necklaces:

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T-strap heels in black or brown

How to make heels more comfortable

There are plenty of ways you can enhance the comfort level of heels. Follow this guide so stilettos don’t seem to scary.

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Woman in white top, blue patterned pants and black wedges

Secret Strategy #49: Use patterns

Busy patterns with dark backgrounds act as stylish camouflage for your body, making you appear slimmer.

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Several women wearing different necklaces

Your guide for wearing statement necklaces

Check out why we love statement necklaces, along with a few tips for wearing these stylish accessories.

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Woman in navy blue sheath dress with yellow belt

4 creative ways to wear a belt

Discover all the ways you can wear a belt this summer.

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Woman in white blouse, paisley pattern pants and brown sandals

Secret Strategy #46: Don’t forget to accessorize!

Don’t forget to accessorize! A short statement necklace can balance out your outfit nicely, adding some visual interest to your upper body as well.

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Woman in red animal print scarf, black dress, black gladiator heels and paisley pattern purse

Secret Strategy #20: Accessorizing Black

Accessorizing black gives you plenty of options! Add pieces that keep a balance of texture and try a pop of color or design where you want attention.

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A basic guideline to consider when it comes to wearing accessories in the workplace is that less is generally best.

Accessorizing in the workplace

Adhering to the office dress code shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice style.

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