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Summer Hats, Sunglasses & Necklaces

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with fun accessories.

Lightweight yet impactful, these wardrobe add-ons are a great way to spice up your look while staying cool and comfortable. The three must-haves for this season are hats, sunglasses and a wide variety of necklaces. Find out what you can do with these powerful statement pieces:


Though you should protect your skin from the sun all year-round, you’re more likely to be outdoors on a sunny day during summer. Hats provide a trendy way to show off your personality through your wardrobe while also supplying some extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

hat for summer

Floppy sun hat: Floppy sun hats are especially effective at blocking out the sun’s rays. This Kentucky Derby style accessory extends wider at the brim and creates shade all around your body. Try this hat out for a day at the beach to both look and feel cool. Pair it with a breezy maxi dress or flowing swimsuit cover-up.

Fedora: This smaller-sized hat makes an equally powerful statement during the summer. Though it won’t provide as much shade as the floppy sun hat, it can still protect your scalp from the sun. To match the edgy, chic look of the fedora, wear a neutral jean jacket or tank top to complement the form-fitting style of the hat. Additionally, compensate for the smaller size of a fedora by getting creative with the color and style. For example, choose a fun color or a hat that has a flower embellishment.


Shine bright while blocking the sunlight with this fashion-forward accessory. Remember, your face shape is an important factor in selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can be used to draw attention to certain features and pull focus away from others.

summer sunglasses with metal corners

Wayfarers: A very popular form of sunglasses, wayfarers provide a wide, boxy look for eyewear. This accessory tends to elongate your face, which is perfect for women with wider profiles.

Ovals: According to Forbes, a round pair of sunglasses can balance out a narrow chin or higher forehead. Ovals provide curves around the entire frame and are great for making the face more symmetrical.

Aviators: This style provides the perfect balance of curve and angles, and it serves well to round out the sharp edges of a longer face and square jaw.


Capture the free-flowing spirit of summer with bold, chunky jewelry. There are a lot of theme and colors circulating with the warmer season, providing you with plenty of options for necklaces. Can’t decide which one fits your personality best? Not a problem! Layering necklaces is in this season, eliminating the need to make that difficult decision.

Plus, statement necklaces can effectively draw attention to your upper body, which can help highlight the flattering neckline of a chic top. In both color and style, think bright and eye-catching. Get creative with multicolored beads and large pendants.

These summer staple accessories are perfect for spicing up any look. Make sure you have them in your wardrobe this season.

Summer goldtone necklace

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