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Vote for the next color!

Several women wearing same dress just in different colors

The Slimming Sassy Dress is one of our best-selling customer favorites. You can find out more about this amazing dress in The Dress Every Woman Needs blogpost. Here is your chance to VOTE for which other color you think we should offer in this fab dress.

Right now we have Emerald, Berry & Black. Comment below and tell us what color you think we should add!


Slimming Sassy Dress in Emerald


Slimming Sassy Dress in Berry


Slimming Sassy Dress in Black

Comment below and tell us what color you think should be next!

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Comments (21)


I love this dress full figured and the colors and the style of this dress do me justice my husband says

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment Kat! We’d love to see a photo of you in the dress sometime, although we totally agree with your husband! 🙂 Email us at 🙂

Jsn Barrett

I would love to see this dress in a beautiful Olive, a rich Chocolate or Cocoa Brown or a cool Taupe or Wheat color!

Grace R

A beautiful, rich red!

Janette R

I like this dress and would love to see it in royal blue and purple.

Janice Cimino

I would love this in cobalt blue, rich brown, I am thinking of ordering it in black first though.

Monroe and Main

Sounds great Janice! Great ideas! Would love to have you order it in black. Enjoy!


Black for sure! I’m ready to order!


Like it a lot
Amber/rust would be lively, too


Blue would be great, and red, and purple, and brown… I have (and love) this dress already in the two colors you offer, have been thinking about getting the black one—so I might well buy it in ANY color you add!


Red for sure!!!!


Multi color for spring and a multi color for fall


I would love to own this dress in a deep, rich red!!! Sexy!!! My hubby would love it!!!


I would love the dress in chocolate, red and dark gray. These colors accessorize well.


I think a dark amber or a rust would be awesome and even dark gold’




Cherry red, Cobalt blue

Barbara Ramirez

plum or deep purple


Lavender or deep purple, rust or dark grey.

Lois Algueseva

I have several items of clothing from Monroe And Main and love them all . I would love to see your sassy dress in gray, red, and a beautiful teal or navy blue

Monroe and Main

Hey everyone!
Thank you all so much for your suggestions! We hope you keep them coming! Your feedback is so important to us! These are all great, and they are getting passed on to our very excited merchandising team!

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Published on Jul 24 2015

Last Updated on Sep 14 2015

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