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Woman in black elastic waisted dress with tall black boots

The perfect dress for the tall/straight body type

For the tall/straight body type, it can be difficult to find a dress that flatters your figure but doesn’t show off a super short length. Don’t let your height rule your wardrobe. Here’s the perfect dress for the tall/straight body type. The Slimming Sassy Dress is the dress every woman needs. It is super versatile and it’s a great fit for your body type. Need help identifying your shape? Take your measurements using this helpful guide.

The length is short enough to show off your lean legs, but long enough to look appropriate for any venue. Discover how you can dress up your newfound LBD:


When it comes to accessorizing this LBD, think big. Women with shorter statures may worry about making their figures look too broad, but with your lean legs and tall shape, you can go as bold as you want! Take advantage of your tall, straight body type with a chunky necklace, bold bangles or dangling earrings without worrying about drowning in the larger-than-life style.

To break up the long length of your body, throw in a fashion belt to segment the style. Wrapping a belt at your waist will highlight the tiniest part of your middle, and sectioning the length will create visual interest.


As with the accessories, bigger is better with handbags. Though larger purses are great for practical reasons, they also let you showcase your fun sense of style. Black is a neutral color, so you can pair your LBD with any hued handbag. To maintain the formal element of the dress, opt for an oversized fashion purse.


Don’t let fashion myths rule your closet. You can wear heels just as well as your shorter friends. When you walk in the room, your tall stature immediately draws eyes to your feet – everyone wants to see how high those heels are. Even if you’re only wearing 3-inch pumps, give people something to look at! Don a fabulous pair of heels with embellishments and bright colors. Since your dress is black, you can throw any shade on your feet and it’ll work with your whole ensemble.

However, if heels aren’t your style, you can easily wear a pair of flats with this dress. Your height already gives the dress an appropriate flow, so you don’t need stilettos to make this garment look great. To dress it down, opt for a pair of strappy sandals. If you’re headed to a more formal venue, wear a pair of chic flats.

4 different woman wearing the same black dress


While the summer months may call for dare-to-bare legs, you can easily transition this LBD into the fall and even winter months. Throw on a pair of black tights to give your legs a little warmth in the cooler seasons. Plus, this is a great option for taller women who fear their height will make the little dress look too short. The extra coverage on your bottom will give you the confidence boost you need to rock this style.


Shapewear is a great way to create curves where some may be lacking. It can also add volume to balance out your shape and add curves in all the right places.  It’s important to select the right shapewear pieces to feel confident and comfortable. To create curves, go with shapewear that adds dimension, such as the Four Paddled Girdle.

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Amazing article! Dressing your body type can be a hard job if you don’t know what you’re getting into – I found this article about dressing a Straight Body shape, it was very helpful too!

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