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Woman in black elastic waisted dress with black heels

The perfect dress for the petite/short body type

Get ready to break out your fun and flirty little black dress this summer. The Slimming Sassy Dress is the dress every woman needs. It’s the perfect LBD for any woman, so those with a petite/short body type can rock this frock all year long.  Need help identifying your shape? Take your measurements using this helpful guide.

With the right style tips, you can enhance the look of this garment by elongating your body and showing off your own personality in your ensemble. Check out how you can maximize the potential of your LBD:


The goal with this dress – and any other clothing piece – is to elongate your body. Accessories provide a quick and easy way to do this. For necklaces, select styles with longer chains. A bold pendant at the bottom of a lengthy necklace will draw eyes downward, making your body seem longer than it really is.

Earrings allow for another subtle way to create length on the body – specifically dangling earrings. However, instead of opting for hoops, which add length but also may look too boxy on your petite frame, go for straight styles that will create the illusion of a longer neck.


According to The Chic Fashionist​a, your handbag should be proportional to your body size. Women with a petite/short frame should wear smaller purses rather than large or hobo style bags to avoid overwhelming their figures. Consider pairing the Slimming Sassy Dress with a cute little clutch. Additionally, while cross-body bags may also overwhelm the body, petite women can pull this handbag off if they select a smaller size. For example, cross-body bags can have skinny straps and a small purse that scale consistently with a petite body type, such as the smartphone cross-body bag.


While heels are an obvious way to add height, petite women can employ secret strategies to enhance the elongating effects of a heel. With the Slimming Sassy Dress, the length, which hits right at the knees, will show your dare-to-bare calves. Create the illusion that your shoe is an extension of your leg by selecting a pair of heels that matches the color of your skin tone.

However, if you’re just after a little lift to balance out your petite frame, you can get fun and wild with your footwear style. Since the dress is a neutral black, you can don any color footwear and still achieve a coordinating and fabulous ensemble. For summertime, go with heeled sandals. To transition this look into the fall months, you can opt for closed-toe pumps or heeled boots.

4 different woman wearing the same black dress


Just as your footwear can transition this dress into the next season, so can legwear. As with the color of your shoes, you may want to select a pair of tights that matches your skin tone or that is simply sheer. This way, you can benefit from the extra warmth of an additional layer, but the tights don’t cover up the length of your legs. With a shorter stature, you’ll want to do all you can to show off your legs and elongate your body.

Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or simply headed to the office, you can make the Slimming Sassy Dress work for you!

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I was shopping on-line and had a saved list in my basket but when I went out of the site I can’t go back and find that list so I can buy the items. Where do I find it

Hi Patricia, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding your saved list. To access your “wishlist,” you need to be logged into your account. Once you log in, you should be able to find your list where you last left it. If you’re still having issues locating your list after logging in, please let us know. We’re here to help ensure your shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable!

What happened to smaller sizes… customer for 10 years and you switch to only plus without warning… GOOD LUCK!!!

Hi Margaret, thanks for sharing this feedback. With more and more American women falling into the plus-size category, we have decided to dedicate all our efforts and expertise toward serving the plus-size Gen-X woman exclusively: sizes 12W–30W. We thank our customers past, present and future for doing business with us. Please visit our sister companies, Midnight Velvet and Ashro for uniquely beautiful misses clothing options. 

I’m trying to get key number: WT738400and it won’t come up as an order. I asked for size 38-C; one in white and one in black. They won’t come up as an order. Why? Are you sold out of these? What other options do I need to pick as it says? Thank you

Hi Lisa,
It looks like our Posture Back Support Bra is still available. Could you please send us an email at Someone from our Customer Service team will be happy to help you with your order. Please reach out if you have more questions. Thanks!

I’m 5’2″ 140pounds and a medium to a large bodyframe and. And my hips are A-shape. And my bra size is a 36D. What styles can i wear and what size jeans should i get. I usually. Wear a size8 misses. I saw a lot of jeans and tops i cant size myself

Hi Jeanne, thank you for your comment. Our jeans in a size 8 would work perfectly for you! If you like your jeans a little tighter, a 6 would work just fine as well. Bootcut jeans will help balance your figure. Skinny or slim jeans worn with boots would do the same. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

im 63 4 foot 11 inchs weight 170 lbs what the best look for me

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