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Accessorizing in the workplace

Adhering to the office dress code shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice style. While wearing suits and straight-fitted trousers will provide you with an appearance that’s both polished and professional, adding on some accessories can help perk up your attire, giving your look some personality. But as with most rules of fashion, there are definitely some rules when it comes to accessorizing in the workplace.

From necklaces andĀ earrings to watches, here’s a few tips for wearing the right accessories in the office:

Don’t overdo it
A basic guideline to consider when it comes to wearing accessories in the workplace is that less is generally best. If you’re wearing multiple loops and hoops that dangle and jangle, odds are that you’ll be a walking distraction around the office. Remember: Accessories are mainly meant to complement your wardrobe, not outdo it. If earrings are an essential aspect to your outfit, it’s probably best to only pair it with a necklace and leave the other accessories at home. When it comes to rings, stick to just your wedding ring and one other band to avoid tackiness. Keep this tip in mind: Before you walk out the door, take a few steps around the living room to see if your jewelry is too noisy. If each step is producing clanking and clicking, you’re probably wearing too much.

A basic guideline to consider when it comes to wearing accessories in the workplace is that less is generally best.

Subtly is sophistication
If you’re entering a meeting or interviewing an applicant wearing a huge dazzling diamond necklace, the other people you’re interacting with are more likely to get lost in your accessory than focus on the tasks at hand. Pearls are a great necklace option when it comes to the workplace because their glossiness can look graceful without leaving a glare in co-workers’ eyes. It’s also best to wear earrings that won’t overpower your face. Diamond studs tend to look more professional than hanging hoops.

Doesn’t have to be jewelry
When it comes to accessorizing in the workplace, it’s easier to get creative with options that aren’t jewelry. Pairing a solid-colored sweater with a scarf featuring a specific design, such as Aztec or tribal patterns, is a great way to combine a safe top with a more attractive accessory. Handbags can always be a smart fashion statement, but try to avoid bringing in droopy or slouchy bags that can look careless and messy.

You don't need eccentric jewelry to make a statement in the office.



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Great tips and hints, thank you for sharing!

Keeping it simply and polish in the work place is my dress code

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