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Using the color wheel is a great method for effective color-coordination. Coordinate the colors in your wardrobe

Colors can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to fashion. You can either walk into a room bursting with vibrant energy or temporarily impair people’s vision depending on how you choose to coordinate your colors.

women in lola jean The best jeans to fit your body type

When it comes to wearing jeans, the term “one size fits all” should never be used.

woman in jeans and black lace, peplum top adorned with embroidered roses along the collar Guide to dressing your hourglass figure

If you have a well-defined waistline with curvy hips and a full bust, you will love our guide to dressing your hourglass figure. We’ll help you find styles and outfits that show off your personality and enhance your ladylike features.

Model in Purple Island Flare Tank Flatter your body with the fit and flare style

Experimenting with clothes is the best way to learn what looks best. One popular style plus-size women should definitely consider is the fit and flare.

model wearing aubergine top How to wear aubergine (or marsala or red!)

Aubergine is making its way to the forefront of colors for this season’s fashion. Here’s everything you need to know about aubergine (or marsala or red!).

Woman in denim poncho-styled top and multi-colored skirt and brown wedges Finding the right skirt for your body type

Whether you’re heading to work or having a night out with the girls, follow these helpful tips to find a skirt that’s right for your body type.

T-strap heels in black or brown How to make heels more comfortable

There are plenty of ways you can enhance the comfort level of heels. Follow this guide so stilettos don’t seem to scary.

Fashion designer with examples of flattering style tops and dresses VIDEO: Flattering Styles

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares our flattering styles. From Empire Waist, Tunic, and Fit & Flare, our flattering styles will address any shape concerns

Fashion designer holding up black jacket VIDEO: Wear to Work Collection

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares tips on communicating confidence and poise with our Wear to Work Collection on this video.

Basic leather slip on shoe in various colors Care tips for your new leather shoes

Whether you’re rocking a new pair of leather boots for the winter or some patent leather pumps in the office, you’ll want to know how to properly take care of them.

Woman in yellow ruched waist top and black pants Tops at the top of the list

Tops are the high profile element worn closest to the face, so memorable that it defines our image. Wear them with style!

Woman in multi-color paisley top, jeans and closed-toe sandals Spring’s fun mix-and-match trend

This spring’s fashion trends are all about fun patterns and colors that women can mix and match to spice up their outfits in exciting ways.

Woman in black lace high-low hem tunic and white pants Secret Strategy #13: Tunics work well

Need coverage for your tummy, hips, or thighs? Tunics work well with your shape. Accentuate your features with soft detailing such as crochet-lace or hi-low hems.

woman wearing yellow peplum top and black pants Dressing your curves

Dresses are great for office-wear, after-hours activities and more. Try these dress styles to highlight your assets and accentuating your curves.

Woman in white ruched blouse and black pants Secret Strategy #4: Boost Your Bust

Wear sweetheart necklines to boost your bust. They show just a hint of cleavage, while still looking refined.

Here are some exciting color combinations to help you rework your wardrobe and try some new hues. Unexpected color combos to try

Here are some exciting color combinations to help you rework your wardrobe and try some new hues.

Wearing clothing that is comfortable to work is important, but velour track suits and sneakers are a no-go. Leggings are a great way to make the transition from working to working out, or at least looking like it. Looks that work for the office and after-hours

These outfits easily transition from work to drinks or a workout without adding a lot of extra items to your bag.

There are so many great ways to style a maxi skirt this season. Try a few different looks to find what works best for your body! Ways to wear a maxi skirt

With the temperatures dropping so are hemlines. Maxi skirts are perfect for Fall and can be worn in many ways! Here are a few helpful hints for wearing a maxi skirt.

Keep an eye out for items in bright cobalt. It's the perfect hue for a sunny fall day. Our favorite ways to wear fall colors

The leaves are turning colors, you’re carting your kids around to a million soccer games, and it is now finally acceptable to start incorporating autumnal hues into your wardrobe.

A basic guideline to consider when it comes to wearing accessories in the workplace is that less is generally best. Accessorizing in the workplace

Adhering to the office dress code shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice style.