woman wearing turquoise wedged sandals, control top jeans with back flap pockets and white top

The best jeans to fit your body type

When it comes to wearing jeans, the term “one size fits all” should never be used.

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Woman in denim poncho-styled top and multi-colored skirt and brown wedges

Finding the right skirt for your body type

Whether you’re heading to work or having a night out with the girls, follow these helpful tips to find a skirt that’s right for your body type.

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Woman in black heels and black dress with multi-colored sheer overlay

On trend prints and patterns for spring

Here are some ways to incorporate trendy prints and patterns into your spring wardrobe.

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2 women wearing different aubergine outfits

How to wear aubergine

Aubergine is making its way to the forefront of colors for this season’s fashion. Here’s everything you need to know about aubergine.

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T-strap heels in black or brown

How to make heels more comfortable

There are plenty of ways you can enhance the comfort level of heels. Follow this guide so stilettos don’t seem to scary.

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Fashion designer with examples of flattering style tops and dresses

VIDEO: Flattering Styles

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares our flattering styles. From Empire Waist, Tunic, and Fit & Flare, our flattering styles will address any shape concerns

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Woman in green top, embroidered jeans and turquoise wedges

Why you should be adding wedges to your spring wardrobe

Nothing says “spring is here” more than a cute pair of wedges.

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Woman with several different styles and colors of tops

VIDEO: Fresh, Flattering Colors

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares her tips and strategies for how to keep your look fresh, flattering, and on trend with colors of the season.

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Fashion designer holding up black jacket

VIDEO: Wear to Work Collection

Sue, our Fashion Director, shares tips on communicating confidence and poise with our Wear to Work Collection on this video.

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Woman in black pants and gold peplum top and multi-strand necklace

Flatter your body with the fit and flare style

Experimenting with clothes is the best way to learn what looks best. One popular style plus-size women should definitely consider is the fit and flare.

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