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A coat for every season

A coat is a staple clothing piece for the colder months. It’s often the most-seen item of clothing you own, so it’s important to make sure it’s both stylish and functional. Take a look at our seasonal guide to coats to choose the one that’s perfect for you:

Springtime in most climates means several months of snow melting and rain falling. There’s a good chance you’re going to get wet. During spring, the temperature fluctuates between winter and summer averages, and adjusting to that change is crucial to keeping comfortable. Try a knee-length trench coat made of water-resistant or waterproof material to keep you and your clothing dry. Longer coats have a chance of getting dirty from dragging on the ground, so stick to knee-length and higher. Check the forecast before heading out in order to decide how heavy your coat needs to be for the day. You can always opt for a soft-shell coat for your outer layer and add warmth with a sweater and a scarf underneath. This also makes it easy to adjust to the temperature change throughout the day by allowing you to shed layers as necessary.

Try a knee-length trench coat made of water-resistant or waterproof material to keep you and your clothing dry.

Summertime often doesn’t require a coat. However, you may want to have a raincoat on hand for those summer thunderstorms and a sweater for cooler nights when you’re out at a bonfire or on the lake.

Fall is another in-between season. Some days are hot and summery and others provide a glimpse of the cold winter to come. Layering is key here. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’ll need a hat or scarf, bring them in your bag or car. The temperature will get colder as the day comes to an end and you will be glad you thought to prepare. Lightweight coats are awesome for this time of year. Try a leather or denim jacket or a fleece cape to fight off that little bit of chill. Another great option is a down or fleece vest to keep you just warm enough to stay outside all day and into the night without overheating.

Layering is key here. Even if it doesn't seem like you'll need a hat or scarf, bring them in your bag or car.

Winter is the time for all-out warmth. Choose from suede and fur, quilted, wool, down and more, all to keep you warm. Will you be wearing this coat in weather so cold you’ll want the fabric to cover your knees and maybe your ankles? Grab a full-length puffy coat that is water-resistant. If you are in a snowy climate where temperatures frequently dip below freezing, try a full-on parka. A great way to figure out what temperature to dress for is to look at the nighttime lows. If you choose your clothing based on the lowest temperature of the day, you will always be warm enough.

Take a look at our guide to coats:

















Coats come in many colors and styles and you can always accessorize with a brooch or belt to cinch the waist and add personal flair.

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