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Assembling your lounging wardrobe

Staying comfy while you lounge is always a must.

Let’s face it, after the constant grind of keeping up at work and making sure everything’s on schedule at home, sometimes the couch or bed can be your best friend. And when you’re snuggling up under the covers to finish reading those last few chapters or preparing yourself for an epic movie marathon, you need your clothes to feel just as comfortable as the state of mind you’re in.

Loungewear doesn’t have to be confined to sweatpants and your college hoodie, so here are a few suggestions for relaxing activewear that’s specifically designed to cater to your unwinding sessions:

The couch
The quitissential lounging furniture, the couch is an oasis after strenuous hours in the office or a demanding day driving the kids around. When you arrive at your utopia to engage in reclining and repose, you need an outfit that features a fabric that you’ll never want to leave your skin. The Chain Trim Velour Set is a zip-up jacket and bottom combination featuring a soft and cozy velour fabric that can appease you during the lengthiest of couch sessions. This burgundy ensemble also comes equipped with pockets and an elastic drawstring waist, so you’ll be relaxing in sheer style and comfort.

Staying comfy while you lounge is always a must.

The patio
As fall signals the final season where lounging outdoors is still bearable, it’s time to take advantage of the lovely autumn weather with attire that will keep you warm and snug. A  Fleece Hoodie is an ideal top when it comes to flipping through catalogs under the fall sun, mainly because you’ll never shiver when a brisk breeze comes your way. look for a hoodie with a heavyweight fleece fabric, so you can lean back at ease while never worrying about heading indoors when it gets a little chillier out.

A hoodie or pullover is the essential top for running errands and getting at-home tasks completed

The car
Unfortunately, lounging time can occasionally be interrupted by the inevitable tasks and chores of the weekend. Thankfully, there’s an attire that’s fitted for both lounging and errand duties. Wearing yoga pants and comfy top is great for being comfy enough to relish the lounging life while also being light and active for any unforeseen tasks. Most jackets are equipped with pockets and hoods. Some have cuffed sleeves featuring an illuminating array of colored lines. The bottoms are a cotton and spandex combination, perfect for staying swift and alert while you loll.

Wearing yoga pants and comfy top is great for being comfy enough to relish the lounging life while also being light and active for any unforeseen tasks.

The tub
Whether you’re fortunate enough to relish the luxury of a hot tub or you’re simply lighting a few candles and taking in a much needed bubble bath, it’s nice to have an outfit ready just in case the doorbell rings or the kids abruptly come home. A Ruffle Tankini is a great top for stretching out in the water that’s also elegant enough on its own to be worn around the house. This ruffled half swimsuit/half dress can also come with a matching skirt bottom, providing wearers with a fitting length and look.

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Published on Oct 24 2014

Last Updated on Jul 03 2019

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