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The best jeans to fit your body type

woman wearing turquoise wedged sandals, control top jeans with back flap pockets and white top

When it comes to wearing jeans, the term “one size fits all” should never be used. Jeans are the essential pant choice when it comes to everyday wear, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right pair that complements your body features. Dressing in denim should never be a draining process, so here are a few tips when it comes to shopping for jeans that will fit comfortably while abiding to your overall fashion sense:

Plus-size curves

For those with wider hips and fuller thighs, searching for jeans that fit comfortably while still balancing out your curves can sometimes prove to be a tiring task. Instead of trying to cram into a pair of skinny jeans, try slipping into more of a boot-cut style that will help slim down your hips and thighs while still adding poise your curves. It’s also a good idea to stay away from jeans that feature a fading effect or have minor rips and holes, which typically tend to draw more focus to your thighs.

Flat bottom

If you’re in pursuit of jeans that will enhance your butt rather than flatten your shape, try looking for pants that feature flap pockets along the backside, which will help add a little padding and provide you with more volume across your rear. Back pockets that are placed higher than usual can also help round out your butt. Make sure you avoid jeans that are equipped with flat pockets, which don’t add any shape to your behind. Instead, you can also opt for jeans with slit back-pockets, which can add a sense of natural curve to your bottom.

Woman wearing maroon slim colored jean

Thick thighs

Women with fuller thighs tend to face the challenge of buying a pair of jeans that will work with their curves, not against them. If you’re trying to flaunt a thinner waist while attempting to downplay or complement your thighs, check out tapered jeans for a more relaxed fit. You can also look for jeans that feature a no-gap hidden elastic waistband. Try to stick to jeans made of stretchier fabrics, which will show off your shape while playing down the thickness of your thighs. Also try to wear jeans with a darker wash, which tends to be more slimming than lighter-colored pants.

Hourglass figure

Women who are trying to balance their large chest and hips with a narrow waist might face difficulties finding a comforting jean selection that still accommodates their shape. Try looking into more of a loosely fitted straight-line jean that’s extremely versatile when it comes to complementing an hour-glass figure. Straight-legged jeans work to smoothen out your body lines while hugging your hips, so you can achieve an appeal that also stabilizes your frame. If it’s a muffin-top look you’re trying to eliminate, try going with high-waisted jeans that will even out your features.

Control Lola Jean


While women of petite size can effectively work with most types of jeans, showing off curves and adding length and height to their appearance can at times be tricky. This is where skinny jeans can work their magic – they combine a curve-hugging fit with a sleeker and more modern look that’s better suited to flatter your shape. Consider a pair of bootcut jeans, that will look great for your frame while implementing trendy colors into your jean selection.

To find the right shoes to pair with your pant choice, read our article on what shoes to wear with women’s jeans.

Comments (12)


Very good tips regarding the jeans. I fall in the flat behind category. So great info! But what do you recommend for flat behind & full stomach.?

Monroe and Main

Those tips are coming! Be sure to keep coming back for more valuable flattering fit info! 🙂

Joan Mardhall

Tips were right on time for my shape, keep coming with the advice. Thanks

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment Joan! 🙂


could you reprint the advice for the women with no but fat stomach. I saw those words of wisdom on march 13. SORRY .I work everyday thru the night. I had a few days off for personal business .So if you don’t mlind could you do that favor for us..

Monroe and Main

Hi Barbara, we haven’t deleted any of our blogposts if you wanted to click through on previous posts to find the one you originally saw. We’re not sure which post you are referring to so hopefully you are able to locate it if you just scroll through the posts on our homepage here:, and then on the bottom, click Next to see previous posts. Thanks for checking out our blog!

Sherry Rogers

How does one camufloge a large overhanging stomach.

Monroe & Main

“Hi, Sherry. Thanks for your comment. Have you tried any shapewear? You can view some of our options here:
You could also try wearing jeans that sit a little higher on your waist. We hope this helps!”


This is great information and I love the look of your jeans. But you don’t offer anything over a 30″ inseam? what about us tall girls? Can we get some 34″ inseams please?

Monroe & Main

Hi, Robin! Thank you for your feedback on our Jeans. We’ll make sure to pass your request on to the team.

Melinda S Williams

Great information for the normal side of things. So my question is to anyone who has a good answer or suggestion…How do you fix the problem of this. 5′ 3″…200lbs (but has pretty even good weight distribution among the body) yet still struggles with the waistline cut of jeans to not be tight once on…has a well rounded butt and deep dip natural curve on the lower back which allows gaps in all jeans ever worn… also has a slight curve to the hips and still has a very good meaty leg all the way down to the only real problem I have is that I have a tummy (and muffin top) that is not cooperating very well with me. (keep in mind I just turned 50 2 weeks ago this month) all suggestions welcome. Any answers?????

Monroe and Main

Hi Melinda! Thank you for your comment! We have a sizing chart on our website which we hope can answer some of your questions: 

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Published on Jul 18 2018

Last Updated on Nov 03 2021

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