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Spring’s fun mix-and-match trend

This spring’s fashion trends are all about fun patterns and colors that women can mix and match to spice up their outfits in exciting ways.

Mixing and matching your clothes is a great skill to have when transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring, as it allows you to get creative and use both your new and old clothes to reinvigorate your style. Here’s how you can learn to mix and match your outfits this spring:

Go through your closet
The first step to mixing and matching is going through your current wardrobe to take inventory of what you already have. As you’re perusing your clothes, use some creative thinking to come up with two or three exciting outfits you can put together with each piece. For instance, instead of wearing your pinstriped blazer with its matching pants, throw it on over some jeans and ballet flats to add some flair to your casual look. Once you know what you have, look for a few new items of clothing that would work well in several different ways with your current wardrobe items, like a patterned skirt or a colorful sheath dress.

mix and match

Utilize your basics
When mixing and matching to create new outfits, use basic clothing items to keep your look grounded and put together. There are some things that go with everything, like a black T-shirt or some straight-leg jeans, so pair them with exciting spring pieces like a colorfully printed blazer or white cropped pants.

Get out your transitional spring garments
There are some pieces in your wardrobe that will be practical for transitioning into spring, but also might help you add some style. Blazers, cardigans, tights and scarves are all spring staples that will keep you warm at the beginning of the season, and they have the added benefit of making your outfits pop.


Play with patterns
Bold prints and patterns are expected to be some of the most popular spring fashion trends, so take advantage of them when mixing and matching. Use patterns in unexpected places, such as on a skirt or pair of flats, and even try combining some patterned pieces for extra visual interest. Try pairing busy prints with more simple ones, like stripes or small polka dots, to keep the outfit from looking overwhelming.

pg 65 Print Peplum Top

Keep colors in mind
There’s no rule that says you can only use one colored piece per outfit! Use color combinations you hadn’t considered before to mix and match printed or solid fabrics. Try wearing items in similar colors (like blue and turquoise) or complimentary colors that can be found opposite from each other on the color wheel (like purple and yellow). Or, if you’re wearing something printed like a scarf, use the colors in the print to be your guide for the rest of the pieces you’re wearing. Add in a neutral, like black, white or beige, to give a colorful look a little refinement.

Throw in something unexpected
Don’t be afraid of adding in that one extra pop of color that can take your outfit up a notch. A pair of brightly colored shoes or an interesting hat can transition any outfit from great to amazing!

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I have decided to not wear all black because. Of you so thx

Great idea Julie!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Thanks for these great tips. i unexpectedly found something to pair with a red top i had just ordered aas i was going through closet and drawers to find something to go under it. i had ordered a top awhile ago but it seemed a bit large and had a top sewn in underneath full of silver sequins

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