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Why you should be adding wedges to your spring wardrobe

Nothing says “spring is here” more than a cute pair of wedges. Sandals are the perfect way to start embracing warmer weather, and wedge sandals are fashionable and can be worn in a number of different ways.

If you’re considering buying a new pair of wedges for the warm seasons, here’s how to find a pair that’s right for you:

Why wedges are great
When it comes to high-heeled shoes, wedges are far and away the most comfortable option. Women often find them easier to walk in than stilettos and wider stacked heels because more of the shoe’s surface area comes into contact with the floor. Consider this: When walking barefoot or in flats, almost your entire foot is touching the ground, making your stride stable and even. The same can be said for wedges. Because they’re easier to wear, wedges can also be more comfortable for long periods of time compared to shoes with a thinner heel like pumps or stilettos. However, not all wedges are created equal, so it’s important to find a pair that’s comfortable and right for you.

When it comes to high-heeled shoes, wedges are far and away the most comfortable option.

Tips for finding comfortable wedges 
In terms of finding the right heel height, the same rules apply whether you’re talking about wedges or stilettos. The lower the heel, the easier it will likely be to walk in and wear long-term. For higher wedges, look for a pair with supportive straps that will attach the shoes firmly to your feet. Also, when determining whether a pair of wedges will be comfortable for all-day wear, look to the soles. Softer soles like leather and rubber will have more give and be more pleasant to wear overall.

 For higher wedges, look for a pair with supportive straps that will attach the shoes firmly to your feet.

A guide to wearing wedges for any occasion
Wedges can be worn for many occasions, though they’re considered a little more casual than formal. Here are three types of wedges to add to your spring wardrobe:

  1. Casual wedges: For weekends or other laid-back days, espadrilles (cork) and other informal wedge sandals are nice shoes to have handy. They add just enough style and sophistication to make an outfit really pop. Wedges can replace flats in almost any low-key outfit you typically wear. Since the shoes are a little more clunky than other options, pair them with loose and more flowing skirts and dresses that aren’t fitted to the body. They also look nice when paired with slim-cut pants and jeans.
  2. Work-appropriate wedges: Loafers, oxfords and flats with a slight wedge heel are good office replacements for flats or pumps. Look for shorter and thinner wedges, which will look more delicate when worn with pencil skirts, sheath dresses and trousers.
  3. “Going out” wedges: Boots and booties with wedge heels are great options for stylishly transitioning from winter to spring, and they’re also the perfect shoes for staying comfortable but dressed up when going out in the evening. If you’re going to a nighttime event that’s slightly more formal, look for wedges with thin straps in a bright neutral like silver or gold. Pair them with anything from your little black dress to a blouse and jeans.

Tell us how you like to wear your wedges in the comments below!

Wedges can be worn for many occasions, though they're considered a little more casual than formal.

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Comments (4)

Hi, can I ask for a tip on ankle straps, for wedge sandals. So the slingback is in general a very elegant type of sandal, open or closed toe, but its ankle strap is lower on then ankle and only encircling half of it, the back and sides as it joins the toe box or the sole, you mean that for higher heels it’s less supportive than a full ankle strap?

Great tips,a cute pair of wedges sandals are my favorite footwear for spring, love to pair them with flowing dresses and jeans.

Why don’t you have wide shoes

Hi Gracie, we do sell several wide shoes. What kind of shoes are you looking for and we can offer some suggestions. Thanks.

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