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Dressing a Growing Bump: Wardrobe Staples and Styling Tips

Tips from a Blogger: Dressing a Baby Bump

One of our favorite bloggers, Bres Baubles, recently gave some style tips on dressing a baby bump featuring our Stripe Stitch Cardigan.

She wrote, “I  have a few little tips about dressing that growing pregnant belly! It can be scary at times, leaving your current comfort zone and stepping into new territory. But, with a few simple swaps, you can feel confident and comfortable in your new body!”

We like that she recommended wearing wedges. She wrote, “Throw out the high heels and swap for a Wedge! Just because heels are getting harder to walk in, doesn’t mean you have to lose that height. Wedges have great stability, elongate the leg and tend to make your feet look smaller too.”

Thanks for the tips Brianna!

Dressing a Growing Bump: Wardrobe Staples and Styling Tips
Dressing a Growing Bump: Wardrobe Staples and Styling Tips.

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I am now 65 and have a little advice. I wore heels with heel being 4-6″, I could more furniture, climb hills, run, walk, got into a full size truck that had been raised up. Never had any problems with injuring myself. I went and changed my job and started wearing flats. Talk about being stupid. So, I started falling were there was nothing to fall on. Fall on stairs everything. If you want my advice let me no.

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