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How to update your wardrobe for winter

Woman in Button and Lace Trim Black Sweater Coat

As winter draws closer and the temperature starts to drop, it’s only natural to feel excited for the upcoming months. Between the festive holidays, the picturesque snow and the delicious seasonal food (pumpkin pie, here I come!), winter can be a truly lovely time of year – you know, as long as you aren’t caught outside in a blizzard. One other thing that’s great about the coldest season of the year? The clothes! From stylish and comfortable women’s coats to cozy, oversized sweaters, there’s nothing comfier than the clothes in your winter wardrobe.

With the season just around the corner, though, it’s time to consider whether your cold-weather clothes need any updating. A quick rule of thumb: It’s best to make at least a few upgrades each year to keep your wardrobe fresh and seasonal. Here’s how to decide if your winter clothes need updating and how to go about it:

Assess your current clothing

First step? Checking out exactly what you’re working with. Now’s the time to unpack all of your winter gear and sort through what you have (like those winter fashion boots you completely forgot you bought on sale last spring) and what you still need. Don’t rush through this inventory process – it’s a necessary step toward understanding how much updating you’re going to need to do.

Winter fashion Boots

Ditch what you don’t need

Believe it or not, part of a true closet update includes committing to downsizing – or at least getting rid of clothes that are damaged or that you no longer wear. As you’re going through your winter garments, toss anything you didn’t wear a single time last year into a donation bag, and throw damaged or stained clothing in the trash. Be brutal here. Even if it’s your favorite sweater of all time, if it’s got holes in it, it isn’t wearable anymore.

Invest in some staples

The absolute most important part of updating a winter wardrobe is figuring out which basic staples you currently lack and investing in some quality items. If you live in a climate with cold winters, for instance, you absolutely won’t be able to get through the season without a nice coat and a few pairs of boots. If you don’t have those, they should be first on your shopping list. Other winter wardrobe essentials include sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, tights and even leggings.

Why are staples so important? Because if you have enough of these timeless garments, your wardrobe won’t need an overhaul for years to come. Simply adding a few trendier garments and accessories here and there will keep your look up to date.

woman wearing a green sweater

Choose layering must-haves

Speaking of wardrobe staples, fall and winter are the perfect times of year to stock up on layering pieces, as well. As the weather becomes cooler, layering is a key way to stay both stylish and comfortable. Update your winter closet with layering essentials like cardigan sweaters and blazers that you can toss on top of any outfit for a little extra warmth.

woman wearing a layered look

Keep up with trends

Winter fashion trends are always changing – each new season brings different styles and fads. That’s why it’s important to really invest in timeless classics you’ll be able to wear year after year. However, getting on board with a few trends is a great way to keep your look fresh and fashion-forward. Choose just a couple that you really love – like ankle-length cardigans or knee-high boots, for example – and sprinkle them lightly into your wardrobe. Pair them with your staples for a trendy yet classic look.

A woman wearing a long sweater

Stock up on accessories

Winter is the biggest season for accessories, which is great news when it comes to updating your wardrobe. In fact, changing up just a few accessories can make you feel like you have a whole new closet each year. Focus first on functional accessories like hats, scarves, gloves and handbags. Then add in a couple of new jewelry items or funky pairs of tights.

a woman wearing a matching hat & scarf

Prioritize your wants

Keep in mind that wardrobe updates don’t have to take place all at once. In fact, if you try to upgrade your winter gear in a single afternoon, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. Start by picking up some winter necessities, than add accessories and trendy items over the next few weeks. Pretty soon, you’ll have a whole new wardrobe to show off!

woman wearing a sweater

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Published on Oct 13 2015

Last Updated on Oct 12 2015

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