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How to pack light for a vacation

Woman in jeans, hat and white crochet-hem top

Packing light for a vacation is always a struggle – no matter the duration of your trip. You need all of your best dresses and favorite blouses, and you can’t forget matching shoes. Oh, and your leather and jean jacket, because one is surely not enough. Then you have your makeup, hair accessories and products, jewelry, perfume – the list doesn’t even end there. Your suitcase is definitely more than 50 pounds at this point (not acceptable according to airport standards), but there is still an entire pile of clothes on your bed waiting to make the cut!

Yellow Shirt and Shoes

You start pulling some cardigans out – do you really need to bring three black ones? Next are the shoes, because those take up a huge chunk of space and weigh your bag down. One pair of beach sandals is sufficient enough. Same with your wedges. You don’t need to bring the cork and the wooden ones – both are equally neutral. And do you really need to bring all 15 of your colorful dresses? Opt for the Convertible Diva Dress instead – you can style it eight different ways! Look at that, you have multiple dresses in one.

Here's an incredible style value: many looks for the price of one! Wear it as short sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeveless; halter-style, twisted straps or strapless; a dress belted at side or back, or just a skirt belted at the side. 37" long from top of bodice. Rayon/spandex; machine wash. Imported. Available only in Black.
Convertible Diva Dress from Monroe and Main

Instead of paying those extra airport fees for an overweight bag, pack light with these pointers:

Take only what you need

Take what you need, ladies, instead of taking what you want. All your “wants” will be waiting for you upon your return home – you won’t miss them when you’re lounging on the beach, either. You really only need one bathing suit, especially if you want to keep those tan lines consistent. The key is to lay everything out, and take half of that. Sounds rough, we know. Leave your blow dryer at home, as chances are the hotel comes equipped with one, or whomever you’re staying with has one you can borrow. Consider purchasing an air-tight bag to put your clothes in. This will help create more room in case you really can’t say “no” to those last couple of dresses.

Stuff your carry-on

Take advantage of the fact that you’re allowed to board an airplane with one carry-on and one personal item. Your carry-on could be a large tote bag and a small suitcase. This is where you can store your makeup, jewelry, toiletries, electronic devices, chargers – basically anything that doesn’t necessarily have to go in your suitcase. If you can even fit the extra pair of wedges in your bag, go for it! Remember: Airports prohibit liquids greater than 3.4 ounces for a carry-on. Be cautious if you’re taking your toiletries on board with you.

Pompom tote

Pack neutral outfits

Rather than packing your pink cardigan, swap it out for a more neutral color, like black. This way, you can wear it with everything. By keeping your color palette simple, you’re able to mix and match without a problem. This will prevent you from turning your suitcase into a walk-in closet. Shoes count here, too. You don’t need to bring all of your sandals. Opt for one pair of each style (flip flops, sandals, heels) that can be worn with every outfit. Wear your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane.

Woman wearing white Crochet Tunic with jean shorts and red heels

Wear it all

If you really want that jean and leather jacket, wear one on the plane and pack the other. If you can handle being a bit warm, throw on a couple of shrug cardigans, too. You can always take them off once you’re seated. While you’re at it, go ahead a slip on one of those dresses over your shirt and jeans. While this doesn’t sound comfortable or attractive, it’ll save you some extra bucks at check-in.

Comments (4)

C. Jasek

Wear my clothes instead of pack them? No. Just no.

Monroe and Main

We know some of these ideas won’t work for everyone, but we’re trying to provide ideas for a wide range of people and situations – Hopefully some of the other suggestions were of interest to you. Thanks for commenting!


I have worn some of either my capri’s or shorts under a big flowy dress with a short cardigan and a hat before … It may make for a few uncomfortable hours but I was more than thankful that I had brought them with me in the end. So never say you won’t do something !!!

Monroe and Main

Great feedback – Thanks, Cindy!

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Published on Apr 15 2018

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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