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The elements of a staple jacket

woman wearing a faux leather brown jacket, floral top and beige pants

Every woman needs certain wardrobe staples. These items, like a great pair of boot-cut jeans or a nice workwear button-down blouse, are meant to ensure you always have classic and timeless pieces you feel great in. For fall, there’s one must-have you definitely can’t live without: a staple jacket. Whether it’s a chain link leather jacket or one that’s soft and lightweight, “staple jacket” means something a little bit different for everyone. With that said, here are all the elements you should look for when finding a jacket for yourself:

It suits your body type

A staple jacket must flatter your body, so, when looking for the perfect one, you should first identify your body shape to understand how best to dress it. There are some jacket features that are universally flattering, though, which means that whether you have an hourglass, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle or oval body type, you’ll look good in a jacket with these elements:

  • A shorter length: Jackets with hemlines that hit right around the hips or just above look good on every body type, but especially triangle and oval shapes. The flattering length frames the upper body and draws attention away from wider hips and thighs.
  • A nipped waist: Whether your jacket has princess seams that help it hug your curves and narrow waist, or if it comes with a belt that cinches the waistline, a nipped waist is another universally flattering feature. It creates the illusion of hourglass proportions on any body type.

woman wearing a ruffled jacket

It suits your personal style

Another element of a staple jacket? It should complement your personal style! Look for colors, materials, details and embellishments that make you excited, whether it’s textured leather with chain link detailing or a softly ruffled lapel. Opt for neutral colors to ensure you can wear the jacket with anything, or, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, find a jacket in a bright or bold hue that will help you make more of a statement. Have fun with it!

woman wearing a Chain Link Jacket

You can wear it to various occasions

The word “versatile” is often used to help women find clothing, but what exactly does it mean? When it comes to staple jackets, it means they can be worn on a daily basis to a range of occasions. The outerwear you choose should transition from work to evenings and weekends depending on what you wear with it. And that means it must go well with everything from workwear to jeans. For that reason, it’s a good idea to look for a jacket that hits right around your hips, since that’s the perfect length for everything from pants and skirts to dresses and tunics.

Woman wearing a black longer jacket

It’ll last you several years

Staple clothes must be three things: well-fitted, flattering and high quality. These three factors will guarantee you can wear the garments often and for years to come. For that reason, it’s important to think about quality when picking out a jacket. Look at the material, workmanship and seams, and don’t be afraid to invest in something you’ll own longer than just one season. In fact, you can even buy a jacket now and pay later with Monroe & Main credit!

woman wearing an embellished jacket

You love how you feel in it

The most important element of a staple jacket: You love how you feel every time you wear it. If you find a style that suits your body shape, fits well and complements your own personal style, you’ll want to wear it everywhere you go.

woman wearing a faux leather jacket

Do you have a staple jacket you just can’t live without?


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Published on Oct 19 2015

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