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Sweepstakes Winner Video

Congratulations to Gail W. from Ohio for being the Grand Prize Winner of Monroe and Main’s Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes 2014! Watch the video of her winning experience.

Take a look at Gail’s visit: 

We flew Gail to our corporate office to visit our Design Center, get a little pampering from a studio in town, and then try on various outfits recommended by Sue, our Fashion Director, along with receiving a style consultation on how to incorporate new styles into her wardrobe. In addition to all this, Gail left us with $1,500 worth of Monroe and Main clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Her suitcase was jam-packed! We had a wonderful time with Gail and hope that she had an experience she will remember for a lifetime.

Comment below and tell us which what you think of the video!

Comments (15)

I love your clothes. I use it but not like i would like too. So i don’t order as much. I am short 5 ft 1. have a belly that sticks out to much for me. Being that it is meds. so sexy i do not feel. so i look for stuff to cover me. Love color, but some of the styles look awful on me. Hewlp what can i wear to look good but cover my belly small top..36b in fact and wear a 16 bottom,,but have to wear 18-20 top to cover my middrift. I feel like some things make me look pregnant. Tops are to big for my breast part, but if i go smaller the belly really sticks out. I find a lot of women here are the same way..but they stay in Black. not I.

Love your clothes and accessories and all your fashion advice, guidance and suggestions, would be more likely to expect to have real fashion style tailored to my needs if you had clothes that fit my size at a size 2 Petite I find it almost insulting that you do not have any clothes for women under 5’5, and a size XS, or 2Petite – 14Petite as well. Beautiful women come in all sizes, colors, and height. We petite women deserve a fair opportunity to be attractive and not have to always have alterations or adjustments or a “make Do” attitude to our clothes and style . Just to also say there are smaller size women who are naturally slender and thin, the bad jokes about thin women especially from other women should be seen as rude jesting. Women by the 21st century should be more respecfful, and considerate of each other. For those who are suffering in any way, compassion goes a long way. Add petite sizes to your fashions and I’m sure a lot of peitite height and size women will also enter the sweepstakes.

I’ve shopped with Monroe and Main for a few years and I love their quality and prices of all their merchandise.

thats great i love watching people being made over you make it look so easy….. why isnt there ever any coupons off clothing ive been with you guys for a long time and i know your very over priced a coupon for 20, 30, or just 50% off your highest price item would be nice. wont be usiong this card anytime soon!!!!

Hi AnnaMaria, feel free to check out the Monroe and Main coupon page for some discounts!

Loved seeing the exciting new change for Gail. I have a request, hopefully it will considered. My mom is a beautiful older woman, she left her country of Germany to come to the USA and after 2 months daddy was sent to Vietnam, left to her own devises and learn the language. This is now her country and she is proud. Mom has been dealing with a lot of despair and unhappiness. After a 2 1/2 yr battle with a rare form of leukemia (CMML), my daddy passed away on 20 Dec 2014. Three months today. Next month would have been their 53rd anniversary and yesterday her poodle of 13 yrs passed away. Mom was daddy’s caretaker for so long she ignored her own needs. Everyone that knows her states that she is beautiful, that’s true, However her sweet spirit and kind soul is what resinates for all to see. She is the most giving person I know. I would love for you to consider honoring her in someway. Thank you for reading this. A grateful daughter. Melenie. Espinoza.

Hi well I only need to said is I love Monroe and main is good and I love to buy all cloths from there because everithyng is beautifully and I love it thanks Monroe and main you have beautiful cloths pants and accessories for its stiff ok love it MARTHA

Thanks Martha! We LOVE hearing this! 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

Would love to say, Congratulations to Gail W. From Ohio on the big make over contest.I bet it felt good to be pampeted like the people from Monroe and Main gave you.And to have them to make suggestions on what would look good on you and to give you the cloths,.shoes and everything. WOW I know that had to be fun.Just wanted you to know I thought it was cool and How lucky you are. Enjoy your new cloths! Wow. MARTHA .Chaney from Alabama.

I feel very happy for Gail. I love Monroe and Main everything. I hope soon I will be a winner. We all should experience what Gail did on her trip to Monroe and Main. Keep up the good work Monroe and Main.

I was happy for Gail too..What a good experience for her..ENJOY…

Well I’m VERY HAPPY FOR GAIL WINNING THE SWEEPSTAKES. In my life journey it ALWAYS gives me a great feeling within to see others showered with blessings. It’s encouraging, I’m looking forward to the day that I WIN….You Go Gail!!!!

Why would anyone enter a new clothes sweepstakes who does not like to wear color? ? I was very disappointed in your choice for a winner.

Thanks for your comment Carol. This was a sweepstakes so we were required to draw a random winner. Gail was very receptive to learning about how to add color to her wardrobe. She also enjoyed trying different styles that she wouldn’t normally think would work for her. Check out all the different outfit combinations here:

Get over it

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