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Vote For Your Fave Winner Look

Congratulations to Gail W. from Ohio for being the Grand Prize Winner of Monroe and Main’s Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes 2014!

Congratulations to Gail W. from Ohio for being the Grand Prize Winner of Monroe and Main’s Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes 2014!

Check out the various looks and VOTE for the one you like best.

Comment below and tell us which outfit/look by # & title you like best for our winner Gail!

Take a look at Gail’s visit: 

 #1. Blazin Confidence

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#2. Garden Party

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#3. Definitely Dramatic

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#4. Flattering Sophistication

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#5. Rainbow Zing

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#6. Comfy Casual

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#7. Sassy Style

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

#8. Polka Dot Party

Wardrobe Makeover Sweepstakes Winner-Gail

Comment below and tell us which outfit/look by # & title you like best for our winner Gail!

Check out the experience on video and see the entire photo gallery!

Comments (43)

Brenda King

My favorite is #2-Garden Party. Great looks Gail!

Christine A

My favorite outfit is #3 Definitely Dramatic. Congrats to Gail on the sweepstakes win!


I think she looks like a lot of fun wearing #5 Rainbow Zing!


#3 is my favorite, they are all nice.


my favorite is #3 definitely dramatic

Christine N

#3 is my favorite, I do like all of them.

Deborah W.

I like #1 Blazin Confidence. You look great, Gail!!! Congratulations!


I thought Gail looked great in all the styles, but my favorite was #6-Comfy Causual


#2 Garden Party. Love the casual look. I love all of them and Gail rocks them all!


I liked #2 Garden Party. She looks great and love the relaxed look that she is giving off. Great look! Congrats to you!!


My pick is #Definitely Dramatic


My favorite is #2.

Ms.Christi Black

My favorites are.#3, #5 & #8. I love the sweater in #1. You look great in them all Gail!! Congratulations!!!


I think Gail looks very nice in #1 Blazin Confidence.. Its very stylish.

bonnie dyon

My fave is garden party

Sue K

I liked #1 best, I think it fits her and gives her a nice shape.


#6 Comfy Casual…Love the top!


#3 is my favorite! She rocked them all! Congratulations Gail!


I believe that, #1. Blazin Confidence, is the best look. It could receive a more casual look by exchanging the skirt for a pair of jeans. Really classy and can be dressed up or down!

Sharine Kessock

# 3 Definitely dramatic. This outfit makes her stand out. The necklace is a perfect accent to complete this outfit and take care of the lower neckline.


#7 sassy style is a great style for Gail, it looks good, and has a slim looking effect that she can dress up, dress down or wear it casual.


My favorite is DEFINITELY DRAMATIC…’re definitely rocking that outfit…..also you look GREAT in all your new looks…..CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN…..HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

DeAnn Stoner

#2 Garden Party is my favorite. I want that outfit! 🙂


I love # 2.

Hellen Wright

I like # 7 and # 5 looking good Gail congratulations for you win

Dianna L Redmond

I voted for the #1 Blazin Confidence. Gail congratulations.

Diana K.

#6-Casual Comfy. Not only does it look comfy I also own a hoodie from Monroe n Main. So smart and easy to wear with iust about anything.


Love #3


#7….she looks adorable


You look so absolutely PERFECT in #3 !! From the fit of the outfit, the statement jewelry, to the free-style vibe of the pieces you chose; your personality shines so radiantly!! Flowing pieces say W-O-M-A-N !! Effortless, with fire and heart and beauty !! You go girl !!


In viewing the pictures above I really liked all the Wardrobes but my favorite is #2 Garden Part.y

Doris Szijj

Outfit 2 and 7

Valorie Joy

#2 and comfy casual #6, congratulations Gail!


My favorite was #4. Love the LBD!


Gngrats to Gail. Go girl Go! Personally I like #3. Its a little edgy. The poka dots are soft and then the southwest jacket shows her strength. Necklace brightens her features. And her smile says she likes this as well. Perfect!

Karen Kalles

Garden party

Deborah Lalchan

I like #7 I think it’s awesome

Connie Blaylock

Love # 7, definitely Sassy Style. Love the necklace accessory…

Roxanne Rogers

Love #4. The sophisticated look compliments her body well.


I like # 7 also I think she look’s rad in her outfit


1 Likely looks best for work/church.
4 Love, love, love the Shrug
2 She looks most comfortable in this style for errands, around the house, visiting a neighbor.
7Good for an outing with the girls, or a first date dinner and conversation.

Linda DiJacklin

# 1 for a professional look. I like the contrast with the blue and white. They all look very nice.


#3. Definitely Dramatic The necklace makes the whole look pop!

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Published on Feb 24 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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