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Flattering your arms this summer

Woman in white embroidered collar top and beige pants

For many women, their problem area is their arms. In the winter, it’s easy to throw on a sweater or don a chic jacket to cover up that body part, but the hot months of the summer season make that a difficult strategy to utilize.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tops and dresses that provide a flattering fit for women concerned about their arms. Here are three tips for making your arms look sleek and slender:

1. Wear three-quarter-length sleeves

Whether you’re searching for a figure-flattering dress or top, you want to avoid sleeves that end anywhere between your elbow and your shoulder. While sleeves certainly are a viable method for covering up your arms, the length has a big impact on how wide or thin the body part looks. A shorter sleeve that stops right in the center of that area can create a visual line at the widest part of your arm. Not only does this draw attention to an area you’re trying to cover, but the line itself may even make your arm look more broad than it actually is.

Instead, go for three-quarter-length sleeves for your dresses and summer tops. This particular length will end in the area between your wrist and your elbow. The lower you go down your forearm, the thinner your arm becomes. Having the sleeve end in this area will emphasize the most slender part of your arms. Though a little longer than a T-shirt length, the three-quarter sleeve is short enough to still keep you cool under the hot sun. Additionally, this type of sleeve is also perfect for blazers paired with skirt suits when you need a more professional look at the office.

kurta, sheer knit, cover your arms

2. Don’t be afraid of tank tops

Women who will do anything to hide their arms may cringe at the idea of a sleeveless top, but with the right guidance, it can be a cool and comfortable option to complement any woman’s shape. Forget the idea that covering up is the only way to direct focus away from your arms, and embrace the strategy of playing up other parts of your body.

Using thicker straps can draw more attention to your shoulders and away from your arms. If you’re worried about the look of your shoulders, that’s okay, too. Even though eyes will wander toward the wider straps, your shoulders will be concealed. You can also go with a short, cap sleeve for added coverage. However, avoid skinny, spaghetti straps when selecting tank tops. The thinner width can dig into your skin, causing discomfort.

sleeveless top, knit top

3. Play up a detailed neckline

Wearing a shirt or dress with a V-neck is a great method to draw attention away from your arms and highlight your collarbone. This is the perfect way to go sleeveless and keep cool. Plus, more detailing on a deeper neckline will help pull the focus towards it. For example, consider choosing a top that has embellishments or a pattern around the neckline. You can also play up this area by adding a bold statement necklace.

boatneck top, quarter length sleeves

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Natasha Hose

During the summer ons should just check out the latest and comfortable fashion trends, Specially a few elegant one for skin because summer is one of the prime harmful season for skin.The clothes can affect your skin badly due to sweat and heavy heating

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Published on Jun 19 2015

Last Updated on Dec 30 2015

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