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A guide to wearing patterned shoes

Leopard print heels with peep-toe

It’s been said that when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. You wear what is comfortable and makes you feel confident. And while much of that is true, there are still guidelines. These don’t have to be abided by, but they can be very helpful if you’re trying out adventurous trends.

There are plenty of different types of shoes for women that come in various colors. However, have you ever thought about shoes with that extra pizzazz? Here is your guide to wearing patterned shoes.:

You can’t go wrong with darks

When it comes to rocking a pair of patterned shoes, you want to make sure your outfit colors don’t clash with the shoes. For that reason, opt for a dark-colored getup like black, gray or navy. That way, you will still look sophisticated and professional, but your shoes will scream “fun!” In addition, if your outfit is monochromatic, it will make your shoes draw that much more attention.

a pair of leopard print heels
Patent Leopard Slingback by Classique

Match your shoes with an accessory

Accessories are meant to be matched. They can make or break an entire outfit. Matching your shoes to a fashion handbag is a great way to look put together but not over-the-top matchy matchy. For instance, if your shoes are a houndstooth pattern, get a purse that is as well. You will look coordinated and pristine. The same goes for other patterns like plaid, floral, polka dots or any others you may wear.

If you don’t like the idea of two patterns, instead match colors. For example, if your shoes were white and red stripes, try a bright red necklace or earrings. The double hues will bring the entire getup together in a subtle way.

houndstooth printed bag
Houndstooth Dome Bag
houndstooth printed booties
Houndstooth Inset Bootie










Sometimes the only way to wear an ambitious pair of shoes is to match it with another ambitious piece of clothing. If you’re feeling daring, throw on a brightly colored dress. The two looks will go together seamlessly.Pick a bold colored dress

When in doubt, denim

There’s not much that a classic pair of jeans don’t go with, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that patterned shoes are on that list. Although denim can come in plenty of different washes and colors, from acid to light to medium to dark, all shades can work. The neutral nature of jeans works as perfect fit for colorful and eye-catching shoes.

wearing red shoes with jeans
Holiday Beaded Jean

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Margaret Williams

I Ware a size 13 wide love your chlothes we need larger size shoes men summer clothes

Monroe and Main

Thanks for commenting, Margaret! We’ll pass your feedback along to our merchandise and design team.

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Published on Jan 25 2016

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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