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6 tips for staying cool wearing dark colors


Summertime can be tricky when it comes to choosing clothes to wear. Light-colored options tend to keep the body cooler, as they absorb less heat, making them a strong selection. Still, you don’t want to eliminate clothing options in darker hues just because of the season.

Instead, you need to find ways to wear dark colors while also keeping your body cool. Here are six tips to do just that:

1. A selection for the season: Be mindful of fabrics

There’s a reason why wool is so popular in the winter. It traps in the heat, keeping your body warmer during the colder months. While darker colors may be more prevalent during this time as well, you wouldn’t want to wear the same fabrics once it transitions to another season.

Feel free to keep wearing darker colors in the spring and summer, just incorporate pieces in lighter fabrics like cotton, linen or seersucker.

“A black hat or leather belt in dark hue complete any outfit.”

2. Go for the extras: Try dark accessories

You don’t have to move all your dark pieces to the back of your closet in order to stay cool. Keep a few fashion accessories in a place they’re easy to grab to pair with your look! A black hat, leather belt or strappy sandal in dark hue complete any outfit. While a black leather jacket may be too warm during the day, it can easily take your dress to another level for an evening out.

Woman wearing Marled Braid Hat

3. Have a romp: Wear a jumpsuit

The key to staying cool is the amount of warmth and air your outfit can absorb. While women’s skinny jeans tend to keep heat in on a warm, sunny day, a women’s jumpsuit gives you a little flow to work with – especially if the legged portion is a flare fit. If the version with pants is still too warm, opt for a romper. Dress it up with black and white accessories and wedge heels that can transition from day to night.

Woman wearing wear everywhere jumpsuit

4. Hit those prints: Go for a dark pattern

Every woman should have timeless pieces in her closet. While dark items definitely fit the bill based on their neutrality, so do clothing options in patterns. Stay cool by adding a print in a dark shade to your look, whether that’s a black floral dress or printed pants paired with a crisp white shirt.

5. Step outside your comfort zone: Different dark colors are available

When you think of dark neutrals, it’s common to picture black, brown, navy and dark gray. Yet, there are other hues you can test out in warmer weather that still fit into this category. From hunter green to burgundy and beyond, try out some different dark shades to expand your wardrobe during the spring and summer seasons. Keep your look cool by wearing shorts or dress capris.

Woman wearing a Savvy Summer Pant

6. Protect yourself: Cover your skin

It may seem counterproductive, but keeping your skin concealed by your clothing can actually keep you cooler. Sunlight can cause you to burn, upping your internal temperature and adding discomfort. A light, airy fabric that minimizes its touch with your skin – but still provides protection – is your best bet.

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